well good luck with the auction. i'm not entirely sure what an embalming table does.. but i'm sure you'll find many uses for it, you'd need to at $150! :D
This is what embalming is all about: http://www.baris.net/bfh/embalm.html. Not a very pleasant subject . . .

I just saw a table advertised on Google for something like $24,000+. But, not to worry, I was just joking about actually buying it. I just thought it was hilarious that someone was trying to sell one! ;D
$24,000!! wow

i'd heard about embalming dead bodies but i thought that this table must be for something else, that just seemed to strange lol :D
The auction has ended now, but believe it or not he got 22 bids! I should have checked earlier, because I'm very curious as to what it sold for.

It is VERY strange to me that someone would be selling such a thing - or that someone else would want to buy it. What in heaven's name are they going to use it for? We probably don't want to know. LOL
haha that is really bizarre! i have no idea what it could be used for.. and it's not even that nice to look at so i can't imagine anyone using it as an ornament either :P