spn - jensen b&w head tip smile


Okay, clearly The Naked Cowboy is an exhibitionist, but three-quarters naked in Times Square with snow on the ground?? He must get really good tips.

I like the guy in the background who appears to be hiding his face from the rear view...

In other news, my wardrobe could use some updating, what with spring coming and all.

Maybe I should go for one of these. Looks like it could hide
all manner of sins. A few extra pounds? No worries!

Then again, this could be a really good look for me. Pretty versatile,
I'd say. You could dress it up or dress it down. Who knows? Maybe add a
nice belt . . . or some mascara.
LMAO----What will they think of nezt????? Do they really think
these will sell? NOT~!!
The second fashion picture looks like a one eyes monster with her red boobs looking up at her!!!!

The naked cowboy~~!!Only interested if it were Ewan.
Now that would be a sight to see!!! but loose the guitar!

Thanks for the laugh---It brightens up another gloomy rainy day.
I don't think they're red boobs, I think they're lips. It's total insanity! I was cracking up over the foolishness of these things, and I just had to share. You know the scary thing? Someone must have gotten paid to design these monstrosities! They do have great comedic value, though. :o)

but loose the guitar!
Is that all? *wags eyebrows*

You're welcome, Char. Glad to help out.
OOPS---Oh---I looked again and, of course loose the guitar AND everything else!!!! Must get these eyes checked again~!!
I guess only Ewan would do it in the buff!!!!!

They look like red boobs to me, but now that you mention it, they could be red lips too.
It's still ugly!
These outrageous outfits are always good for a laugh.
LOL! No, it's not me, but that's the other useful thing about the second one: I could be totally incognito. Who needs dark glasses?

Does the green one come in blue ? Because I do need to hide those few extra pounds. Although, I don't see where your hands get through, so it might be a problem to drive... ;)
Yeah, we could have difficulty driving. But just think: We wouldn't be able to pick up those desserts either, would we? *giggling*
I may let you borrow the green one as it's not really my colour, but the yellow & red no! that's mine and I don't care how much you plead and grovel you can't borrow it! *cracking up*
Oh all right then! but only because you look so cute when you pout and stamp your foot! LOL
Was he wearing any pants on TV? Or do you mean they were just filming him singing on the street in Times Square? Shame he wasn't around the couple of times we've been there - that would have been a sight!