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Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to Chiwetel Ejiofor, one gorgeous hunk of man. Mmmm. Fabulous actor too, of course, but I'm feeling rather superficial at the moment. ;o)

Mmmm, he is rather gorgeous! Yum! Not nearly enough scenes in Love Actually and I absolutely adore Kinky Boots.

Happy Birthday, Chiwetel!
Kinky Boots is fantastic, and I love him in Love Actually. The whole wedding scene is great. Now that I think of it, I really need to buy Kinky Boots. *note to self*
I wish I could have seen him. He's wonderful to listen to on the audiobook, though. As is Ewan, of course. I would have died seeing them both on the same stage.
Mmmmm very nice! have you seen 2012? he was great in that!
I have and, yes, he was! I loved him. Have you seen Redbelt? I didn't like the movie, but Chiwetel was amazing, and extremely RAWR. ;)
No, I'd never heard of it till now, LOL I'll keep my eyes open for it just cause he's hunky!

Mmmmmm, sounds interesting,

Oh nice pic! why is his belt the first thing I zoomed in on??
Why? Cos you're a perv, of course! *giggles*

Sorry to be so slow on the emails, BTW. I've read them and I'm thrilled that you're feeling better! *huge hugs* In-ground pools and air conditioning - pfft! Maybe at Rose's place, but certainly not at mine!! LOL. I have seen some of your HQ pics of Ewan, but not all; I was in a hurry. I know . . . bad fangirl. I'll be back to see them soon. He's sooo gorgeous.

Hmmm, that may have something to do with it!

No worries, I'm not waiting for replies I'm just trying to keep up with what's coming through between lay downs. LOL but I'm doing even better now thanks sweetie *HUGS*

Yeah I'd like air conditioning at least, that sayd it's been quite mild today which is a good thing.
I have only heard him on the audio book as Othello, and he does have a lovely voice.