I can only totally agree with step one and especially step three (step two...well, okay *shrugs*) - nuclear bomb smile! :)
oh, i'm just getting around to commenting, but, i really enjoyed reading that too! YAY! more and more Ewan love! thanks for sharing! :)

i nosed around on the blog a bit too. anyone who does a tribute to our boy on his birthday can't be bad, right? seems he put MR as his fav movie of the '00's! and Ewan in MR as one of the best male performances of the decade! did you see that? yes, yes, i like this blogger, yes indeed!

and this As an actor – and in his own small way – he’s making an affirmative impact from the outside in. is quite a nice compliment too, isn't it?

but, the smile. yes, the smile. i challenge anyone to not grin alittle looking at it. :) like that dazzling smile in the new pics that you posted as a wakey buddy over on the playground? gorgeous.
I very much approve of that blogger, he's very bright and obviously knows a good thing when he sees it ... er, him! It does my heart good to read these lovely, flattering things. (Did you read Clara's comment where she said she actually knows the man?)

I swear, that smile can reduce me to a puddle of goo in .2 seconds. He's a very beautiful man, our Ewan.

Hey, long time, no see. You're doing well, I hope?
Hey, long time, no see.

awwwww, you're so sweet for noticing! :)

yeah, all is well. we had a sickie wee-girlie for a few days and that made life a little more sleep-deprived and busy than usual. but, a trip to the pediatrician and a few days of tylenol and all is well again. :)

so, now, i can devote my spare time to the internets, my lj flisters and Ewan fangirling! which, incidentally, is what i love to devote my spare time to! :) i'm working on a little post for the playground, which i'll hopefully be able to finish up and post today, or tomorrow at the latest... so, stay tuned! :)

hope all is well with you too!
Oh, I'm so glad to hear that all is well with your wee one now. Welcome back. :)

Oh yeah, everything is okay here. It's too hot, but what are you gonna do about that, you know? Exciting news: I have two Adam Lambert concerts coming up in two weeks! August 19 and 21. I'm SO excited because I absolutely adore the man. Yay!
YAY! how exciting for you!!!! i hope you have an absolute blast darling!

its probably good that you have a day to recouperate in between! reading Akemi's accounts of the shows, it sounds like the concerts are quite the PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

are you an AI fan? i'm not. not really. but, i really like his "look" and with Akemi's stories and the way he handled the abc fail following the kissing scandel (i actually rather like that he didn't apologize) i've really started to admire him. now, i've just gotta give a listen to some of his music sometime! soon! :)
Hee! Akemi's had some fun, hasn't she??! The girl knows how to party! I hope I can handle it. I'm not as young as I used to be! :D My sister's going to the first one with me. She's more of a partier than I am, so she can be my beard. LOL. I'm a wee bit concerned about the second one, because it's general admission. I hope we can manage to get a decent spot - my hubby's going to that one with me. Oh well, whatever happens we should still be able to hear him, and just being in the same room with Adam Lambert (*swoon*) will be a huge thrill. The man is just dead sexy ... and that VOICE. Good lord, he's amazing! You haven't heard him?! Really?? There are tons of videos on YouTube - TONS. Here's a taster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmXQFwlD7vk&NR=1

I'm very happy that he didn't apologize for that kissing thing. As he said (and I'm paraphrasing), he's not a babysitter, he's an entertainer. And for god's sake, it's not as though the show was on at 8:00. (He and Tommy kiss and lick and stroke all the time on stage now. I love it. :D) The only thing I wasn't happy about was flipping the audience the bird. That doesn't even sound like Adam, but I saw a picture so I guess he did it. Got too caught up in the character, I suppose.

No, I don't watch AI. I actually refused to even think about watching it for ages, and the one or two times I did watch I kind of cursed out Adam for "forcing" me into it. I only did it for him! :D
if you ask me, the fact that you're GOING to an Adam Lambert concert is proof that you're young enough to handle it! :) no James Taylor for you! :) and i say that with nothing but the utmost respect for JT....

hope you have a BLAST! and that he and Tommy make out - ALOT!

what does this so she can be my beard mean? i'm not familiar with that saying and i hate to be outta the "know" you know????????????

i don't listen to the regular radio much, so, i'm going to go watch some of his stuff on youtube. thanks for the link to get started! :)
Adam sang Twentieth Century Boy last night in PA!! How cool is that?! He loves Velvet Goldmine. *beams* Eeee, I'm seeing him next week! Twice!! I'm excited AND starting to get nervous.

LOL! Well, a beard is actually "a man or woman used as a cover for a gay partner," but my hubby and I use the term all the time to just mean sort of a disguise or a cover. So, in my case, my sister, the hipper, more of a partier type, will cover for me, the older, lamer type. :D

I don't listen to the radio either, or watch regular TV. If it wasn't for the Internet I'd be completely clueless!
i just watched 20th Century Boy over on youtube! the quality of the vid is terrible, but, even so.... amazing! you're going to have such a good time!!!! following my other youtube research, it turns out, i have heard some of his songs - particularly "Whataya Want From Me" - but i'm embarrassed to admit i didn't know it was him. :( but, i likes! i'll be listening more, i can tell you that! :)

oh, LOL! thanks for the "beard" lesson! :D how have i not heard this term before?!?! i hope your party "beard" works and you have a FAB time!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, I'm a terrible person. Why didn't I just give you a link, instead of making you search? *whacks forehead* Sorry about that! Yeah, the quality was bad, but you can still tell that hearing it live would be AMAZING. I hope he does it at one of my shows!! Excellent, I'm so happy you're liking him. He has an absolutely phenomenal voice, mind-boggling really. Check out Mad World and Ring of Fire. Just . . . wow.

Hee, now you have to use "beard" in a conversation. :)

Love your adorable Ewan icon! OMG, I love that man so much. *happy sigh* My eyes may stray, but my heart never does.
wait. Adam sang Ring of Fire? i MUST HEAR! do you have a linky???????? he does have an amazing voice, and i really like his style... while i'm not much of a fan of country music anymore, i still have a soft spot in my heart for some of it. Johnny Cash is one. Although, i REALLY adore the LIVE version of Walk the Line, which i'd imagine is closer to Adam's version since its edgy. that and i can't even picture Adam with the tijuana brass guys behind him! HA! :D

oh, i hope he does 20th century boy at one of your shows! another one of my flisters is seeing him in Philly tonight, i'll let you know if its the encoure there!

and yes, i will use "beard" in a convo now! *pinky swears*
Ring of Fire is awesome!! But keep in mind, this is not Johnny's version. LOL. It's one of Adam's mom's favorite songs, which is why he did it initially on AI, and it was a huge hit with the fans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QveAv4dNes0. It's so SEXY. *sigh* There are lots of live versions too, but so often the audio is crappy. This studio version is perfect. :)

Here's Mad World too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8P0QrzSvvw (Have we talked about Donnie Darko? Love that movie! You may remember this song from there if you've seen it.)

Akemi heard him do 20th Century Boy! I hope your friends get to hear it too.

Eeee! Am I turning you into a fan? :D His album is fantastic. There's one song I'm not fond of, but I love all the others.

I like country music too, old and new. I grew up on it and have just always liked it. I love Patsy Cline and Keith Urban, to name two who span the years. :)

Edited at 2010-08-13 04:36 am (UTC)
i was thinking of the band LIVE's version (you know LIVE, yes? "i alone" or "lightning crashes" or "shit towne") not Johnny's version! Adam doing Johnny's version would make me giggle. :D lol! although, i love both version! LIVE's version is dark and edgy - well, here, have a listen if you'd like - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PE2bnv0SjiQ - but, WOW, Adam's version is def his OWN! completely different from the other two, but, i like it!!!! and holy shit! i had NO idea that that Mad World version was him!!!!!!!!!! *flails* its so good!

we subscribe to Rhapsody, so, i've been listening to FYE on there.... right now, i think "music again" is my favorite its so catchy and upbeat, i love it! but, my favorite could change again tomorrow. which song do you not like?

i used to LOVE county music, almost to the exclusion of other stuff... grew up on it too. lately though, i don't know, i just can't with country music. i'm kinda all over the place musically right now. which is actually fun in a way... its just that when i listen to country, i want to listen to something that sounds like country. if i want top 40 pop, i'll listen to that. there are some current artists i like, but, for the most part, i'm sticking with the old stuff. 'course now that i'm getting older, '90's music counts as the "old" stuff! :)
OMG, Live's version of Walk The Line is fantastic! Thank you for telling me about it! I must have that for my iPod. Stat.

No no no, Adam didn't sing the version of Mad World from the movie, just a similar one. LOL. Sorry to be misleading. This is the version from the movie.

I love Whataya Want From Me, Time For Miracles, Aftermath, Broken Open, If I Had You, and For Your Entertainment. I think those are my favorites (I can't pick just one!), but really I like every song aside from Sure Fire Winners. I really don't like that one. I absolutely adore the man! His voice is one of the most phenomenal things I've ever heard, I swear. The first show is TOMORROW NIGHT. OMG!! *tries to catch breath*
oh, and i wanted to ask for some piccie help, if you don't mind?????

remember a bit ago, there was the photo shoot of Ewan on that velvety green chair? do you know where i can find it on EM.net? or do you have a copy of those to share???????????

MANY, many thanks darling! *smooches*
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!! those are the ones! the one used in your pretty pretty icon specifically!
Yay! You're very welcome.

Doesn't he look ever so beautiful? *sigh* I DO love him.