spn - jensen b&w head tip smile

I'm excited about this

Eeee, look how great they look together. I'm a bit concerned about the idea of yet another sequel (i.e., overstaying their welcome), but I'm psyched about the casting of Penelope Cruz. They were great together in Blow. Geoffrey Rush will be back as Barbossa, and I think I saw a picture of Jack Davenport as well. Excellent. :D
oh that sounds interesting. i'm sure Penelope will do a great job of it, i can imagine her as a pirate type

i hope the 4th film will be good. like you said it might be one too many... but hopefully not!
I can too, I think she'll be really great. She made a really good cowgirl in Bandidas. Plus, she can be absolutely hilarious; she has fantastic comedic timing.
Wait...didn't Jack Davenport die in one of the sequels??
Shit! He did, didn't he? I totally forgot.

This is the picture (it gets a little bigger). I thought that was Jack on the right.

Hmmm. I can't tell for sure. God knows, if Barbossa can be brought back, so can Norrington.
I hope so because I love Jack and we just don't see him often enough. I wanted Elizabeth to hook up with Norrington. :)
I love them, although the first will always be my favorite by far. I have mixed feelings about the idea of yet another sequel, but I'll still see it. :)