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Talk about nonsense lawsuits!

The mayor of an oil-producing city in southeastern Turkey, which has the same name as the Caped Crusader, is suing helmer Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. for royalties from mega-grosser "The Dark Knight."

Mayor of Batman sues WB, Nolan
Southeastern city in Turkey fights for name
By ALI JAAFARBatman has a new adversary: Batman.
The mayor of an oil-producing city in southeastern Turkey, which has the same name as the Caped Crusader, is suing helmer Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. for royalties from mega-grosser "The Dark Knight."

Huseyin Kalkan, the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party mayor of Batman, has accused "The Dark Knight" producers of using the city's name without permission.

"There is only one Batman in the world," Kalkan said. "The American producers used the name of our city without informing us."

No one from the town of Batman has explained why it took so many years to take legal action. Batman first appeared as a comicbook character in 1939 and the "Batman" TV series started in 1966. Tim Burton's first bigscreen rendition for Warner Bros. came out in 1989. Undoubtedly the fact that "Dark Knight" is about to pass the $1 billion mark at the B.O. played a part in stirring the ire of the Turkish hamlet.

The mayor is prepping a series of charges against Nolan and Warner Bros., which owns the right to the Batman character, including placing the blame for a number of unsolved murders and a high female suicide rate on the psychological impact that the film's success has had on the city's inhabitants.

Former natives of Batman are also said to have encountered obstacles when attempting to register their businesses abroad.

The mayor is working on gathering evidence he claims will show that the city of Batman predates the 1939 debut of Bob Kane's superhero in DC Comics.

"We are only aware of this claim via press reports and have not seen any actual legal action," a Warner Bros. rep said in a statement.

While the town of Batman has suddenly shown great interest in the property, there's no evidence that the citizenry has ever shown much loyalty to the Caped Crusader -- not even on Halloween.

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Honestly! How more ridiculous and obviously money-grubbing could they get?? I would hope this foolishness would get thrown out of court.

There is always someone out there wanting to cash in on something that is making mega bucks.

I would hope this foolishness will be thrown out before it goes any further!!!
That's true. I hope when they try to file their suit they'll be told to forget it because it's too ridiculous to be taken seriously!
Jeez I read this yesterday and I don't think I've ever read anything so ridiculous in my life, these people are insane! the town was given it's name in the 50's, Batman's been around since the 30's and why Nolan? why not DC or Warner Bros? LOL

You have to pity them really! *cracking up*
It's complete insanity! What's next? Hamburg, Germany, demanding royalties from McDonald's for using a version of their name for food?!
I know! They deserve to be laughed right out of the room.

I love your new icon. It's very you (java). :o)
Why have I never added you to my friends list before?? Well, I have now :o)

I looked at your user info and you have the same favourite director and second favourite actor as me! (As well as, obviously, number one favourite actor...!) So cool, you have great taste.
Why thank you! It's a clear case of great minds thinking alike. LOL Now if only we could get Ewan, Johnny, and Tim to do a film together. Honestly, how fabulous would that be?! I'd probably melt into a puddle of goo if I saw my two favorite men on the screen together, but it'd be sooo worth it.

Thanks for adding me. I love your journal; you always have such interesting entries and cool pictures. :o)
Oh yes, I love how Tim and Johnny always make so many films together, they just work perfectly together; did you know they're making Alice in Wonderland with Johnny playing the Mad Hatter? I can't wait for that! I can't tell you how excited I was when I first heard about Big Fish, I was telling everyone for ages that it's bound to be the best film in the world by default, with my favourite director and favourite actor. And you're right, if all three of them could get together, I think I might explode with excitement! :-D

Thank you, that's really nice f you to say so, I'm glad you like it :-D
I do too. They're such a great team. In fact, the only one of their projects I'm not fond of is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I should probably try to watch it again. It kind of gave me the creeps the first time. I actually don't like the original, either, so maybe it's just not for me. That's right! I had forgotten about Alice in Wonderland. Oh, they'll have fun with that, won't they?? Looking forward to it.

When Finding Neverland came out I told my husband how excited I was that Johnny was in it. My favorite actor with my favorite accent is what I said! How funny is that? Now there's Ewan. He knocked Johnny off my top spot, which I never thought anyone could, and he's Scottish, which is my favorite accent. I didn't plan it, but - perfect! :o)

I didn't know who Ewan was when Big Fish came out, I just wanted to see it because it was a Tim film. I was blown away by Ewan completely! I saw that smile and that was it for me, I was a goner! I still don't get it . . . I saw the first two Star Wars prequels before that and he just didn't register with me. Why NOT? *shakes head* Foolish me.

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I quite like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but it's not one of my favourites. But then I've always loved Roald Dahl's stories ever since I was very small :o) My favourite Tim/ Johnny films are Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow. Yeah I think Alice in Wonderland will be awesome :o)

I've always loved Scottish accents too, it was great when I was growing up, I was only 30 miles from Scotland :o)

So you've got Mr. Burton to thank for introducing you to Ewan? I'd seen Ewan in quite a few things before my 'obsession' started (Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, Brassed Off, Little Voice, Phantom Menace), but it was Moulin Rouge! that really blew me away.

Those are my favorites from their collaboration too, although I also love Ed Wood, Corpse Bride, and Sweeney Todd. I thought Johnny did a good job with the singing, even though he claimed a while back that no one would want to hear him sing, as though he had a hideous voice. I love the bit in Sleepy Hollow where he has the blanket up under his chin going, 'You don't understand. I saw him. He was headless - headless!' (Or words to that effect.) Then he passes out cold. That cracks me up every time. Too funny!

Oh you lucky thing, living so close to Scotland. I'll bet you miss it.

I guess my head was under a rock because I saw Ewan in the first two Star Wars prequels and he didn't sink in, dumb me. I didn't even see Big Fish in the theater, I rented the DVD. Then I got Moulin Rouge, and that was really it! The third one I saw was Trainspotting, which I also loved, so I was good and hooked by then! LOL Needless to say, after that I went through his list of films and rented everything I could get my hands on, then bought them all!

Oh dear. I see I'm getting repetitive in my old age. Sorry about that! :o)

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Ooh yes I loved the cinematography in Sweeney Todd, it was sooo atmospheric and pretty. Not so keen on all the singing, but I love the visuals :o)

Hmmm, no I can't say I do miss living in Cumbria, lol, yes we're close to Scotland and yes the scenery is amazing, but I get so bored living there, there's nothing to do! I still love going back up to visit though.

My head was under a rock for a long time regarding Ewan as well, I'd seen him in loads of things and knew who he was but he never caught my eye until Moulin Rouge!, and then I was a total goner.