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Becoming Obi-Wan

I found a fantastic video on YouTube. Check it out! Be sure to click on the HQ button.

I just love hearing people say such nice things about Ewan, it really warms my heart.

Awesome video Anika! It is so nice to hear these guys praise Ewan's character and commitment and talent. He is such a hard worker. (No B & B pun intended) LOL.
I know, I really loved hearing the nice, flattering things everyone had to say.

(No B & B pun intended)
LOL! Okay then. :o)
You have a double post. I left a longer coment in your other post..
I enjoyed the video too.
I love Ewan being praised...
Thanks Anika
Yeah, I know I do. I'm not sure why I did that. It was late-ish; maybe I was sleepy. :o)