Ravenous, hee hee.

And Paul Bettany's in it! Woot!

It looks fun and glamorous. I'd like to see it.
I know - LOL! Too cute.

I like Paul Bettany a lot, and Rufus Sewell's also in it! Love him. Can't wait to see Venice too. Eeee, I'm so excited! :D
Oh that looks really good. Hope they're going to show it as Original version in the cinemas here. Thanks for the hint!
Doesn't it look great? I can't wait! I just love Johnny when he's funny. :)
Oh looks like fun!!!!! Aah bless! he really has no clue at all!
OMG!!! This makes me so happy. Thanks for sharing hon. I am so excited for this film too. Johnny and Angelina together in a film, plus it is in Paris one of my favorite cities. He is so funny in this adorably naive. "You're ravenous." ROFL.

I am so there on opening day.
LOL! I love that line!

I can't wait. Opening day for me too, I hope. Woo hoo!
That looks hilarious! Johnny as a submissive!!! LOL. "That's not so bad" "Not when you downgrade it from Murder." LOL!