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This sounds hopeful

I pulled this from an article in Variety dated March 13:

"I Love You Phillip Morris" bowed to lots of buzz at Sundance, but the dark comedy starring Jim Carrey as a gay con man and Ewan McGregor as his cellmate lover, didn't find a U.S. distributor at the festival. Nearly two months later, CAA and Endeavor are closing in on a U.S. distribution deal. The $18 million pic was financed through foreign presales.

Here's the link to the rest, if you're interested http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118001229.html?categoryid=2523&cs=1, but that's the only reference to ILYPM. I do hope this is true, and that there will be a distribution deal very soon.

The piece mostly talks about Liam Neeson's film Taken. We saw it and really liked it. I must say, I'm thrilled for Liam because that movie has made scads of money. It has been playing at our local cinema ever since it opened, which was a while ago now. Yay, Liam!
Holds out some hope for ILYPM.
I'm hopeful. At least it's some kind of news, for what it's worth.
I thought 18 million was not a lot of money for making the film. The leads must not have been paid a hugh amount.
I think they are trying to rewrite it so that it will be picked up. But I would rather just wait for the DVD then to go to the movies and see it hacked to pieces.

Thanks for the information, Anika----you are anika, are you not...LOL I want to get the name right this time!!!!!!

yeah, i'm excited at this news!!! Maybe we'll see it this spring yet Char!!!
Well, I don't know if we should actually get excited, but it does give me some hope.

*pouts* Boy, first Char calls me Michelle, now you call me Char. I'm gonna get a complex. :o)
Public apology. Don't know what I was thinking! Obviously was thinking i was reading Char's post. Sorry Anika! Duuuuuhh. Feel silly now! LOL