Well, it does seem silly, but logos are a huge part of branding, so it's conceivable that the change can have financial repercussions down the road.

Personally, I think it's kinda ugly. But it's sort of reminiscent of the "old school" Gap logo, with the low, rounded letters that the company used before the blue-and-white logo came along in the late 80s or whenever.
Financial repercussions? Seriously? That's nuts. It's just a logo, it's nothing to do with the merchandise they're selling. To me, that should be what's important, the quality of their product, not what their name looks like.

BTW, while I'm speaking to you, did you see this picture of the Giovanni Boldini painting? It's lovely.
So all the marketing profs here tell me, because a couple of them were discussing it yesterday. The first thing you see is the logo, in a lot of cases, and based on its attractiveness, you're more influenced than you probably think to look further.

OMG! That dress is off the hook. I love it!!
Hmm, that's a point.

Isn't that dress beautiful? I love the flow of it and the sleeves, plus the color is gorgeous.
it's gorgeous. I saw it on Jen's lj yesterday. Really went with the apartment, don't you think? What a romantic story...
Here's another thought: If it's true Gap is losing money, this is a lovely way to get their company in the news, and on consumers' minds, isn't it? It's not like their logo actually needed changing, you know?
That could *absolutely* be, a marketing stunt, since there really was nothing dated about the old logo. However, good criminy's sake, you'd think they'd have come up with something more stylish. The font isn't my favorite, but it's the blue square that's puzzling me. Why? Why the blue square?
Perhaps the blue square is all that survived of the old logo. It's the same color, isn't it? :)
I liked it as it was. The tall slim letters in the center of the dark blue square. Why change a perfectly recognizable logo?? Is it a publicity stunt I wonder? Were sales low? I like to shop there, no matter how rarely I go shopping. GAP is my jeans n tops store. I wear 1969's hee... never mind... It's late and suddenly this sounded funny. Blame it on the sexy spread I just viewed on the PG! :)
Oh no! Does this make my most comfortable baggy hoodie out-of-date??

haha, yeah internet people get worked up pretty easily!

i like this comment though:
"Looks Like it Cost $17 From an Old Microsoft Word Clipart Gallery"
that's so true, it looks exactly like that! :D
Apparently not! I pity the fools!

I have something to get you worked up, check the PG.
are you worried we MISSED the HOT STUFF you posted???? I keep seeing your comments plugging it. :)))))

well, just so you know, I saw it, then viewed it again, then ogled it some more... and now I'm horny as hell !!!!! Thanks to you! :)
Yes damn it! I was worried you may miss it and come on, aren't you glad you didn't? LOL

Oh good! I did my job well and believe me you're not alone! *giggles*
I just saw it and it very nearly killed me!!! OMG, thank you!! The gorgeousness of man is just mind boggling. I haven't even read the article yet . . . can't get past the amazing pictures!
LOL there's not much we haven't already read but the pics!!! *sigh* soooooo many delicious looks! *sighs more* it was an App believe it or not! I came across it by accident looking at books in ITunes, LOL the "C" App is free but the mags you pay for and you can't save them to your PC *meanies* but you can do screengrabs! *grins*

I need to make some icons! *nods*
YAY! indeed! my IPad has earned it's keep for this month, heck the rest of the year! LOL