That's a good one. :)

Have you seen Tim Gunn's? Makes me well up.

Thank you for posting that, it's wonderful. I think it will reach a lot of desperate kids because, God knows, he's been in their shoes. Thank goodness he got help when he needed it. My eyes are filled with tears.

I'm not familiar with Tim Gunn. Who is he?
He is one of the hosts and mentors on Project Runway. He used to be a dean at Parsons School of Design and is now working with Liz Claiborne in some capacity, but he's a cool guy, gracious and gentlemanly and just all-round nifty. :D
Aha, okay. He seems lovely, and I'm already half in love with him after that beautiful message.
hi darling! hope all is well with you?!?!? oh, i had heard Adam did one of these! i'm so glad you posted it! now, i don't have to go looking for it! :) *is lazy*

i was just commenting in another flisters journal about this whole bullying issue... i think these "it gets better" vids are good. i hope they're helping. i certainly remember listening to Billy Joels "you're only human" over and over and over again when i was feeling down about getting picked on. so, i think having something to turn to is helpful. i had good parents, i had supportive sisters and i had my small circle of friends, but, yeah, sometimes it helps to hear it from someone else. the kids being bullied need to know that this is not the end all, be all. there is a whole big world to look forward to....

Adam's is sweet, i love the intensity and the eye "contact". but, i also really like that he throws in that personal responsibility at the end ("it does get better but its up to you") i don't think there is enough of that these days....
I think it's a lovely message. I adore Adam and I'm proud of him. &hearts

I'm so sorry you had a tough time as a kid. *hugs* I did too, actually. God, sometimes it just plain HURTS to be young. Add being gay into the mix and it's a recipe for disaster. In my school it was the kiss of death to be the least bit different. You may as well have had a target painted on your back. It's nice to know these video messages are out there, hopefully helping some of these kids who are having a hard time of it. I sincerely hope they are.