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Why oh why?

I'm all for Sean Penn lightening up now and again, but OMG, The Three Stooges?? I have never, ever, in my entire life thought they were funny; never could understand why others do. (Not that I'm opinionated or anything.) I guess I'm missing the Three Stooges gene.

If I were Jim, I wouldn't be so quick to gain 40 pounds. It could be pretty difficult to lose at his age. Just a thought.

As a side note, I think Benicio Del Toro is great. Did you see him in 21 Grams? Amazing.

MGM Gets Its 'Stooges'
Penn, Carrey, Del Toro part of studio's plan

MGM and the Farrelly brothers are closing in on their cast for "The Three Stooges."
Studio has set Sean Penn to play Larry, and negotiations are underway with Jim Carrey to play Curly, with the actor already making plans to gain 40 pounds to approximate the physical dimensions of Jerome "Curly" Howard.

The studio is zeroing in on Benicio Del Toro to play Moe.

The film is not a biopic, but rather a comedy built around the antics of the three characters that Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Howard played in the Columbia Pictures shorts.

The quest by the Peter and Bobby Farrelly to harness the project spans more than a decade and three studios. They first tried at Columbia, again at Warner Bros., and finally at MGM, where Worldwide Motion Picture Group chairman Mary Parent championed the cause and bought the WB-owned scripts and made a deal with Stooges rights holders C3.

Production will begin in early fall for a release sometime in 2010. The Farrellys, who wrote the script, are producing with their Conundrum partner Bradley Thomas, and Charlie Wessler.

C3 Entertainment principals Earl and Robert Benjamin will be executive producers.

Project will get underway after Penn completes the Asger Leth-directed Universal/Imagine Entertainment drama "Cartel." He hasn't done a comedy since the 1989 laffer "We're No Angels."

The Farrellys have long had their eyes on Del Toro to play Moe. Del Toro, who's coming off "Che," showed comic chops in the Guy Ritchie-directed "Snatch."

The surprise is the emergence of Carrey to play Curly. Howard established the character as a seminal physical comedian, from the first time he appeared in the first Stooges short in 1934 until he suffered a stroke on the set in 1946.
I hope that's a freaking pre-April Fools' Day joke. Because frankly, it sounds HORRIFYING.
It absolutely does. Obviously no one will be forcing me to see it, but the whole idea of it even being made causes me to writhe in horror.
It'll make 300 million dollars and the raters will give it 1/2 star out of 5 stars, but we can't get ILYPM in the U.S. Urgh.
It's just not right. Who in their right mind would think we need a damned Three Stooges movie?! Yuck, the idea is beyond hideous.

I so love that icon!
YUK --- I can't stand Sean Penn, and I never did like three stooges.
My hubby LOVED them and use to laugh himself silly.
I just thought they were stupid..

I wolldn't like to see Jim gain that much weight either. It is hard to get off, and it's bad for ones health.
I hated when Renee gained weight for her roles, and then got real
skinny, and gained it again and lost it again. To much of that is not good.

I am sure glad Ewan is not part of this film....

Like Reba said----It will get 1/2 star and make a zillion dollars, but they won't show ILYPM-----Where is the justice????

Thanks for the article, Anika...
Jorge likes them too. He says you have to be a guy to like them. Spoken like a true guy, of course. LOL. I'm with you - I just thought they were stupid, and I hated the way they destroyed the English language. They were highly annoying. Why in the world would anyone think we need a movie version of them??

No, you're right. Gaining and losing weight again and again like Renee did is terrible for your health.

Well, one thing's for sure: Justice is not in Hollywood!
Maybe Jorge is right---My son liked them too!!!

Hollywood loves blood and gore and political stuff, but not sex?
At least not this kind of sex.

It doesn't bother me one way or another, and to tell the truth, I am just interested in this film because EWAN is in it.
So I really want to see it, but if we have to settle for a DVD, then I guess that is better then the film ging to the trash bin.....
Some films never even get to a DVD...

This one definitely should get a viewing, but unless they cut out a few parts, no pun intended, it will not go to the big screen.
Oh sure, Hollywood is all for sex, as long as it's not between two men. Can't have that. *rolls eyes*
From what I have been reading, there are a oouple scenes that are pretty graffic. I guess they are the big holdup.

With Young Adam having a few graffic scenes, it got the NC17 rating.
So perhaps this one should get that rating and just get on with it.
OR----- they will have to edit scenes out.

But I wish they would just do SOMETHING~!! Everyone in the world will get to see it before they make up their minds in the US.

Damn, they take all the sails out of a film...
If they wait to long, the audience will soon lose interest, except for us die hard fans~!!