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Holiday toddy

So, I had my dinner and craved dessert. We've got a wee pie, but that's for Christmas. Then I remembered we had eggnog. Mmmm...sweet, sinfully delicious eggnog. Eggnog with rum. Bliss. I waited a bit, building up the anticipation so it wasn't over too quickly. Then I got out just the right glass, the perfect size and shape, and took the 'nog out of the fridge. Only to see the expiration date of December 15. Well, crap!

I come back to my computer to read a lovely Christmas fic, and guess what they're having. Right: eggnog with rum. *eye roll* Some days you just can't get a break, you know?

Bummer~~!!! So sorry, Anika~!

I guess we have to check those expirations dates~!

Cheers anyways~!
I think it must have already been close to the expiration date when we bought it. No way had we had it in the fridge for a couple of weeks. *sigh* So disappointing. Then again, food poisoning is definitely to be avoided!
Definitely, especially with eggs...

Oh--- and I love your little eggnog picture~!
You should do what my hubby does. *sniffs* It smells alright. It'll be fine!

(Disclaimer: Don't hold me responsible for gastric attacks after following that advice!)
Ha! I would have used his technique if it hadn't been quite so many days past its prime. Goodness knows, I've done that in the past. :D
lol love the (slightly disturbing) picture :D

i've never had eggnog, we don't have it in this country, so i have no idea what it's like... sounds like you love it though
Hee! It cracked me up even though it is a tad disturbing. LOL

You don't have it?! I had no idea eggnog wasn't a worldwide treat! I loathed it as a kid - when I could actually afford the calories! - but now I love it. This recipe will give you an idea of what it's like.
it sounds interesting, i can't decide if i'd like it or not :P i'm not a big fan of milk though so maybe not.
it's always a drink i've only ever associated with America, i've never heard of it being available anywhere else..
I don't like milk either. I could never just drink a glass of it alone, ick. But eggnog is rich and thick and creamy, more like a liquid dessert. :)
Oh dear, that's not good! I love the pic though, too funny!
We don't have eggnog here but it sounds a lot like Advocaat which I'm quite fond of at Christmas
Hee! It's fairly tasteless, but I thought it was hysterical. I love the cow gunning down the rum. :D

I had no idea you didn't have eggnog! I thought everyone did. This recipe shows what's in it. It's sinfully delicious!! I looked up Advocaat and it sounds fantastic. I'll definitely have to try some of that next time we're in Britain. Is it only available around the holidays (like eggnog is)?
Ha! Other than the booze in it It's the same as Advocaat which has brandy. I love it and stupid me forgot to get a bottle and is too lazy to walk half a mile to the shops in the snow. LOL
To be honest I have't looked for it other times of the year but I'm sure it's available all year round, we don't have holiday only drinks here as far as I know.
Oh see, you're not desperate enough yet. I made a special trip on my way home last night to buy eggnog. Then again, I didn't have to walk; the walking would put me off 'cause I'm lazy too. ;) I like that your stuff has the booze already in, that's convenient. Next time we're there I'm definitely having some. Hmm...wonder if I can get it online? Must check into that!

Happy Christmas Eve day! *smooch*
True! But then again I have done a weeks housecleaning in one morning and I can't be bothered to get off my arse now till I need to cook dinner.

I remember drinking it as a kid, my mum made us snowballs, which is the name for the mixture of Advocaat and lemonade, it was delicious! No we didn't get drunk because it was too watered down with the lemonade. LOL. Yes having booze already in it is very handy. You should be able to order it online from somewhere.

Happy Christmas eve day to you to darling! *smooch* Are you all ready for the festivities now? I am and it's only 3:50 pm, what will I do with myself all evening? I'm usually frantically wrapping presents. I know, I'll have time to think about all the things I forgot to buy. LOL
That combination sounds interesting and tasty. My relatives tried to give me eggnog as a kid, but I refused to touch it again after the first sip. I thought it was nasty. Heh, live and learn. I have found some sources to buy Advocaat, but I've already been thwarted three times: Oh, we don't ship to YOUR state. Grrr!

Nah, I'm not ready. Then again, we're not having any festivities tomorrow. :D We'll (probably) decorate our tree. Right now, it's sitting in its stand, in the middle of the room, completely bare. But, hey, at least we have one and it's up, right?? Hee.

You, my friend, are insanely organized this year!! LOL. Just sit back and relax after dinner. You've earned a rest after all that work!

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I'm sure the brandy makes all the difference. LOL Oh I hope you can get some, I'm sure you'd like it.

Well yes you do have a naked tree in the middle of your room, I'd rather have a hunk! LOL

I know! I've surprised myself this year, Stepford here I come!!! *giggles*