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I like this!

TOP 7 Singing Performances by an Actor/Actress

1. EWAN McGREGOR in Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Recap: In Baz Luhrmann’s brilliant bohemian extravaganza, Ewan McGregor provides the voice of the film’s protagonist Christian.
Reason: Moulin Rouge might be my favorite film of all time — it’s definitely my favorite musical — so please pardon the heavy bias applied here. I do sincerely believe that the singing performance of Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge is the single best singing performance that 21st century Hollywood has produced to date. When he sings, he sings with unbridled passion, and his notes are hit purely and are accompanied with such immense force and pure loving energy. This is all entirely in cohesion with the general tone of the film; Ewan delivered a pitch perfect performance. It didn’t hurt that the songs were brilliant mash-ups of many 20th century classics, but had McGregor not sung so beautifully, the film’s songs could have easily fallen flat.


Clearly written by a very smart man with fine taste. :D
I too had posted this in my journal.
I totally agree with the writer.
Ewan is definitely #1.
I wish he would do more singing~!!!!
Aww saw this on the forum, and great to read here.

Such wonderful words for Ewan :D. Love it, and we agree with every word :D. The film is great mostly because of his performance in it.

Thanks for posting hon.

He's wonderful. I can't even begin to imagine anyone else in that role, Ewan was perfect.
I agree - I love it! My niece had "Come What May" for her "walk down the aisle" music at her wedding, which annoyed my daughter because she wanted it too, for her wedding the next year. heh.