I guess I will pass on looking at the spider.
I really don't care for them unless they are the little tiny ones that pop up in my house once in a while.
I just put them outside.
I don't like killing them.

Weird, I know~!
I try to put the small ones outside too, so I understand that, or I just shoo them away and let them go wherever.

I can't believe all of these people on the LJ site that love these horrible tarantulas, though. OMG, they're so nasty! Huge and hairy and nasty. *shudders* The second link is a video of a woman letting this enormous thing walk on her hands and up her arm. Ewwww! And, according to the people on the LJ site, this one she has is a kind of tarantula that can give you a very bad bite!

I'm my own worst enemy, though, because as much as it horrifies me, I can't help looking at the pictures and watching videos like this. If I get nightmares now it will be my own stupid fault! LOL

Edited at 2011-01-18 04:43 pm (UTC)
You are braver then me.
When they are on a tv program, I close my eyes or turn the channel.

I hope your dreams are sweet, and not of spiders~!!!
I'm not even going to click the links, you know how I feel about those buggers! *shudders* just thinking about all those legs.
God, no! Whatever you do, don't click on the second link. It's a video. You can scroll up to my comment to Char if you're interested in knowing what it shows, though.

I just can't believe there's a whole journal filled with people who love tarantulas. Good lord, what is wrong with these people?! *shivers* I think you'd be okay clicking on that link, just don't open any of the entries like I did. There are loads of hideous pictures. Ewwww, I get chills down my spine just thinking about it.
No I think I'll give it a miss altogether, even pictures freak me out, I threw a magazine across a tube train once and hit the poor guy sitting opposite because of a pic of one of those beasts. I've never been so embarrassed in my life, I explained myself and he kindly ripped it out. LOL
Oh, dear, sorry! No insult intended. My husband thinks tarantulas are great too. He's always on about how they're cute and fuzzy, and could be stroked behind their eye clusters. O.o

That one in the video is enormous! And it sounded from what I read somewhere like their bites are quite bad news. Of course, I sat here in morbid fascination and watched the whole video, even though I was completely creeped out. I do that to myself.