hee!:) i've always wondered what my little buggers do all day long on days when i'm at work! :)

the ending was cute, reminded me of the ending of FB's Day Off when Ferris is rushing to get home before his folks... cute dogs too! i do love a mutt! ♥

hiya darling! *waves*

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It is a bit like the end of Ferris!

Hi, sweetie! Hope you're having a great day. :D
awww that is very cute!
who knows what those dogs get up to when no ones around! :D
Aww, great icon! :)

Remember when we were discussing Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark? I put my thoughts and impressions in a (quite rambly) post.

Hope you're doing well.
That's my mom's dog, Sephora. :D

Weird, I didn't see it til late this morning! But it was sandwiched in between stuff I saw last night. I'm looking forward to reading!
Sephora, that's it! I couldn't remember her name. She's so gorgeous.

Okay, but you know how verbose I can be . . . so fair warning. ;)
Totally adorable...
Great stageing and what a smart doggie.

Thanks for the video.

Wasn't it the cutest thing? I just love it. Adorable, very well-trained dog too. :D