spn - jensen b&w head tip smile

My goodness!

Is the Queen extraordinarily tiny, or are the Obamas really tall? She appears to be a wee slip of a lady.

The queen looks very tiny.

They sure are not standing very close to each other.
She really does! Look, her head only just clears the mantlepiece. I had no idea she was that small.
QE2 is short, but the Obamas are both really tall. She's five eleven, if I'm not mistaken.
Yeah! it's the lack of sunshine that stops us growing over here!
So that's how you're explaining your lack of height? Jorge says you probably have royal blood. :o)
*tries to remember how to curtsey*

Yes, ma'am, Your Royal Per ... er ... Highness.
Your Royal Per ... er ... any more of this disrespect and I'll have to send Ewan over to punish you!

You royal mother wore combat boots! Your royal father was a munchkin! Your royal brother dates sheep!

Heh! She should definitely send him over to discipline me after that.
That icon is very distracting! LOL

How did you know about my brother? but your comments about my parents are a step too far! Ewan on your way sweetie, she has to pay for that! Noooooo put the custard down you wont need that!