LMAO! that would have been so much quicker! and safer.
I know! I love the little comments too, like "You mother had cataracts!" and "That would have been really far." LOL!
Oh, sorry, Char. It seems to be okay now, at least on my end. Maybe there was some kind of glitch earlier.
Still nothing on my end... Just a big square with a little thingy in the upper left corner. Clicking unto it doesn't do anything.
Thanks Anika---But after all your trouble, I didn't understand it one bit..
I have never seen Lord of the Rings, so perhaps that has something to do with it....

But I appreciate you postiing the link~!!!!
Oh, Char, you crack me up, sweetie! LOL I didn't realize you weren't familiar with LOTR.

The story goes on for three books, it takes them god only knows how many years to get rid of the ring, lots of people die, there are a bunch of battles, etc. Whereas in this version, it's all taken care of in about 20 minutes, so it's kind of hilarious. Those flying eagles help them out in the real story too, so it's quite a flaw in the books, really, that everyone didn't just fly in and get rid of the ring quickly.

The books and movies are incredible; so, so good. Of course, you do have to be a fan of fantasy.
LOL Now I see....It is funny now that I know what was happening...:D
It makes more money to draw the story out~!

I like some fantsy, like Star Wars.
I guess LOTR didn't intice me enough to want to see it.
I know a lot of people enjoyed it, though.

Thanks for the explaination~!!