Mmmmm Robert....Love it! Thanks so much the for the bday wishes! Sorry it took me so late to get back been a crazy day but a good day!

Hehe thanks. I think I just came up with the name one day out of the blue and had to combine their names some how. It was that or Acalecki. LOL. (Hmmm that might work to.)

What did u think of last weeks epi? I missed most of it because we had storms and heavy rain messing with my satellite so now I have to watch it online.
You're very welcome. Glad you liked it. I thought it was a pretty cute picture. Happy to hear you had a good day!

Oh, I prefer Padackles and I'm sure you know why: my sweetie's whole name in in there! ;)

Do you mean the episode from March 4? I liked it a lot, but I'm a little worried about how many semi-main characters died. I hope that doesn't mean the writers are working toward ending the show. I'm going to be a basket case when it does end. :(