spn - jensen b&w head tip smile

Have you seen this poster?


I love it! FINALLY a poster where Ewan looks amazing. Really amazing - wow. Not to mention top billing. :)

And just because this wee fellow is adorable as well...
Oh I love it! You're right, he looks amazing. Can't wait for this movie, woohoo!
I know! For once he looks great and like himself on a poster. Yay!! I'm excited for the movie too, the trailer makes it look so good.
Isn't it gorgeous? *sigh of love* Can't wait to see this despite that blonde Jezebel.
OMG, it is! Oh, phooey on her, I'm over that. I'm just going to enjoy the gorgeosity that is Ewan Gordon McGregor. And the adorable pooch. :D
Yep, that's a Jorge and Anika original. ;D

Excellent iconage you have going there, BTW. That didn't take long. :)

Thank you. As much as I'd like to take credit for it, I found it on the ewanmcgregor.net forum. One of the members has it as part of her banner. I just couldn't resist stealing this section of it for an icon. :D
Yes he does! he looks so happy and he has good hair! LOL

you should so use this in the BTB if you're posting tonight.

Here have a bigger one!

Click it, it's 1200px wide!

Oh and I agree, that little fellow is really adorable!
you should so use this in the BTB if you're posting tonight.
Great idea! Thank you SO MUCH for the huge one, it's beautiful! Ewan looks even better than I thought. It's about freaking time! The man is gorgeous, and so often he looks bad and/or photoshopped on the posters. This one, on the other hand, is stellar. :D

Thank you, thank you! Mmmmmmmmmmwah!
it is nice to get a great poster of ewan for once! it's really cute :)

and the little doggie is so cute too!
can't wait to get to see the film
I know, I'm so excited! He looks phenomenal! Just look at that gorgeous smile. I'm really excited to see this film. Can't wait to see the dog's subtitles. He's adorable. :D
Yes--- I have seen it, and it's great to see it again.
So much better then the first one.
I love it when EWAN gets TOP BILLING~!! :)

And I looooooooooooove the doggie~!
YES! he does look great! what a gorgeous face!!!! i cannot even begin to say how much i am looking forward to seeing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeee*

awwwwww, puppy love! *scritches him*
Isn't it fabulous?! For once he looks as beautiful as he really is - just look at that gorgeous smile! I'm absolutely thrilled with this poster. Can't wait to see the movie. :D

That pup is insanely adorable!