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Near-death experience

I'm so freaked out right now. Coming home from dinner tonight, I was driving down the highway at 68 miles per hour when I saw brake lights flash on a car a fair distance ahead of me. I assumed there might be a cop car sitting in the turnaround, looking for speeders, so I adjusted my cruise control down to 65. Not two seconds later I came upon a moose standing in the middle of the highway. It was standing in the passing lane, with its head partially in the traveling lane, where I was. I had to swerve to avoid hitting it. If it had been walking or running, or moved forward in any way, I would have hit it, and I'd probably be a dead woman right now. It's true what people say: moose are black at night and you absolutely can NOT see them until you're right on top of them. Holy shit, I'm incredibly freaked out. But clearly my luck is better than I thought it was.
Holy shit!! Hope you're having a stiff drink or two to calm down. I'm so very glad you're okay. *hugs you close*
You are most welcome. You've sent me lots, I thought it about time I gave in return. It was my pleasure. :D
*Big HUGS* Wow I am so sorry hon. That is scary. Such a blessing you are safe. So hard to see them. Such a blessing you were able to get out of the way.

Makes us see how quickly things can change in our lives.

You're so right. One second everything is okay and the next it could be complete disaster. It doesn't do to think very long about what could have happened. O_O

Thanks, Jen. *hugs*
Yikes!! And moose are ENORMOUS! We only have to worry about white-tail deer around here, and they're about half the size. (Sidebar: on one of my recent trips from MS back to AL, I saw SEVENTEEN deer along the interstate. All alive, grazing peacefully.)

I'm so glad you're okay! *clutches you tightly*
They are enormous. I think this one was a cow, because I didn't see any antlers, but it was still HUGE. A deer almost crashed into the side of my car once too, but that's another story. Another miraculous close call actually. I hope this luck of mine holds out!

Thank you, Wyn. *hugs*
Holy Shit is what came to my mind too, Lisa.

WOW, Anika---- So glad you are ok.
I have never encountered a moose but I missed a deer by inches.
That was very scary.
And a deer did go through the windshild of a frind of mine.
No one hurt. It's a good thing his car had a hugh front end.
One of those older well made cars they use to make. No plastic~!

I hope you are doing ok today.
I guess we never know what is ahead of us.

Thanks, Char. It was terrifying. One of the pediatricians from the hospital hit a moose on that same stretch of road 10 or 12 years ago. He had a small car, and the moose crashed through the windshield. The poor man had a terrible head injury and went through months of rehab, just to get back to being able to speak and walk. He'll probably never practice medicine again.

I had never seen a moose along there until this one, but I'll tell you what: I hope never to see another! Unfortunately, I think they like that area because it's marshy on both sides of the highway.
There is something to haveing a hugh car, but they just don't make them anymore.
So sorry of what your dr. had to go through.

Thanks goodness you didn't~!~!

You just never know when an animal will jump unto the road.
And then they get scared too, and sometimes don't go back unto the side of the road or the woods.

eek that's scary! i'm so glad you managed to miss it, moose are definately not an animal you want to hit!
I'm so glad you're alright! What a scary experience - you go through the "what ifs" over and over. *hugs*
I know! I just keep thinking... what if it had moved forward just a little bit? what if I'd come along a couple of minutes later, when it was moving? what if there had been someone beside me, in the passing lane? OMG. *shivers*

Thanks so much. *hugs*
OMG! That's scary!!! I'm glad you're okay (and hopefully getting over the shock...) *hugs*
It was incredibly frightening. I hope NEVER to have an experience like that again.

Thanks, Bettina. *hugs*
don't know how i missed this post??? how terrible for you! such a horrible fright can be hard to shake, can't it? i'm SO very glad all is okay with you! *hugs*
Oh God, I'm so sorry I forgot to answer your comment earlier. I suck!

*hugs* Thanks so much for your good wishes. Hubby and I are both extra-cautious when we drive through there now. I think we will be for a very long time. He wasn't with me that night, but my story freaked him out too. One night a few days ago it was insanely foggy, enough so you could barely even see the road, let alone anything that might be standing on it. That was so scary!