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Videos. ETA: One more. ETA #2: Added links.

I'm probably the last to see this, as usual, but just in case you haven't seen it, or want to see it again, here it is. He's always such a good sport, isn't he? It's great.

This one I had seen before, but it was good to watch again. Obviously I love how enthusiastic the one guy is about Ewan's performance, it's awesome to hear. *sigh* I would have given a lot to see that play. It would be so lovely if he'd do a play on Broadway, just a train ride away from here.

This one is inspired by my new fascination with Torchwood and John Barrowman. The man is adorable, he really is, and I'm totally addicted to the show. I can't say I'm fond of that yellow shirt, though.

OMG, he's adorable. It's so cool to see him engaged and having fun. I liked the interviewer's flirtiness too. Thank you for posting this! :)

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You're welcome. He is totally adorable. I liked his reaction to the diamond thing. Clever of the interviewer, wasn't it, the way she managed to get a kiss? :o)
He's an unbelievably good sport. He's so sweet.
thanks for posting Anika. It had been so long since I'd seen the 2nd one, I'd forgotten most of it, so it was good to see the one critic rave about him, like he did.
Didn't you like the way the girl finagled a kiss? Too funny.

I hadn't seen the Othello review in a long while either, and it did my heart good to hear the boy praised like that.
Cries------ I can't see what you have posted, Anika.

I have been having a problem seeing videos that are posted.
I dont know why..
Please, what did you post?
Sorry, Char. I added the links for you. I must remember to do that from now on.
Oh---Thank you Anika.

I have seen both Ewan videos, but I loved watching them again.

Ewan IS a good sport, and was so cute as Romeo.

I like the guy that liked Ewan's preformance in Othello, and he really likes him as an actor.

Hmmmmmmmmmm John Borrowman is a cutie...

Thanks again for postiing the links.
I still don't know what is wrong ...
I'm really enjoying getting to know John Barrowman. He's another man of many talents. He sings too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8knQNzKj5U. (That line he uses in the song about getting out of his clothes, or whatever, is an inside joke from the show.) Evidently he's released a few CDs. I should check those out.

I swell with pride whenever anyone praises Ewan, I really do. I remind myself of that line of Mandy's from Velvet Goldmine when she says she was beaming like someone's mum (during Brian's performance). :o)
Yes he is vry nice looking, and has a very pleasant voice.
[I love Ewan's more, though~!]

I just can't get interested in anyone else. I would NEVER get off this computer. I will have to stick with just Ewan.
But I love seeing others now and then..

I know there are a ton of goodlooking men out there, but I just love Ewan's personality and honesty, and everything about him.
I know, I biased... LOL
Thanks for the video...

Yes, I love it too when people praise Ewan. He deserves all the praise he can get, and more....

Great line----"beaming like someone's mum"---

Thanks Anika~~!!!!

Don't worry, I would never try to "turn" you, I just like to share other people occasionally. I know you're a one-man woman.

My ex-husband used to say: Just because you're on a diet, that doesn't mean you can't read the menu. That's what I'm doing - reading the menu. :o)
I guess I am a one man woman~!!!
But of course I admire others too.

My husband always said----You can look, but don't touch..
I like your ex's quote too...
Hi anika---Just thought I'd let you know that I can now see the videos.
Pam helped me update Adobe Flash Player.
So far so good.

If I told you this before, just chalk it up to my bad memory..
Aw yes--- We talked about it.
See my memory is fadeing with age. LOL
Yes, Yay for pam....

We havn't chatted in a while..