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A perfect example of not judging a book by its cover

...and why did they, anyway? Even the audience was poo-pooing the woman before she began. You could see their preconceived ideas all over their faces.

Hmm...by using the above subject line, am I not guilty of the same thing? I think I am.

This performance actually brought tears to my eyes, and not just because it's a beautiful, moving song. What an amazing voice she has. I like her too; she's cheeky. Loved the little dance. I hope she has enormous success.

Susan Boyle:
In one of the videos I saw it said Susan had been taking care of her mother, who has since passed away. Maybe she waited until she could focus her whole attention on it, or she just couldn't be away from her mother for long periods before. Hopefully, there won't be anything to stand in her way now because, wow, she's amazingly talented.
What a cute little lady. I could relate to her (I'm a couple years older and a little plumper but not quite as frumpy, i don't think) and I have mostly sung as a hobby, except for a few weddings/funerals I used to sing in my 20's and 30's, church solos, coffehouses, etc. She gave ME goosebumps! Best wishes to her.

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I didn't know you sing! That's cool.

She's totally amazing. Les Mis is Jorge's favorite play so I knew he'd be extra impressed by this performance too, and he was. I really hope she has great success because she deserves it.
I got teary-eyed listening to her too. Lovely voice.
This is what I posted on the forum----
I just saw Susan in an interview on the news, and I just watched the video.

It goes to show that you can't judge a person on how they look.
The audience and the judges were pre-judging her before she even opened her mouth.
Just because she was an older lady, not altra beautiful, and not having a slim figuer, they thought she was going to be a big joke.

It reminds me of the man that sang opera a while back.
He was not very attractive, was on the heavy side, very shy, and everyone was snickering. The judge's looks were quite rude...
WELL---- When he sang his song, It was just beautiful.
What a gorgeous voice he has.

Susan is the same way..
You know the old saying----Never judge a book by it's cover..

It was amazing to watch the judges and the audience before she sang, and after.
What a lovely voice, and such a sweet lady.

I was annoyed by the people in the audience who were doing everything but rolling their eyes - actually I think I saw a teenaged girl doing just that. How great that Susan showed them that they shouldn't be so quick to judge. She's incredibly talented with a beautiful voice.
My thoughts excately~~!!!!

Did you ever hear the man that had the opera voice.?
He does other songs too.
Hi Anika----I never watch American Idol, but I came across this singer.
It is on youbube and here is the link.


I do believe he went on to win, and there are more videos of him on youtube.

His name is Paul Potts. a phone salesman from Britian.
He sings "Nessun Dorma" which is also, if you remember, music in The Island.

I didn't quite like the girl judge saying he was a lump of coal that could turn into a diamond. I think shw meant it as a compliment, but it sounds like he would be a lump of coal if he didn't have such a great talent.

I also saw him on a TV new interview.
I am not excately a fan of opera, but this was a beautiful song, sung by a man with a beautiful voice.
When he sings that song, it does give me the chills...

Let me know what you think.
Wow, he's amazing too. Thanks, Char. I'm not an opera fan, but it's impossible to miss the huge talent there whether you're a fan or not.

I also didn't like that the female judge said he was a frog who would turn into a prince. Sure she meant it to be nice, but it sounded quite insulting.

I've never seen American Idol either. In fact, I never regular watch TV. The movie channels are all I watch. I used to watch more, but I got out of the habit. I don't miss it. I get my news from the Internet. Needless to say, I make an exception on the TV watching for talk shows, etc., when Ewan is on. :o)
I am not one for opera either, but he was so good.
He has gone on to make albums too. I believe his singing isn't just opera.
Yes, the lady judge was insulting, even if she didn't mean to be.

I mostly watch the news on TV, and my soaps.
I don't have many movie statios anymore. They keep playing the same movies over and over. I like Desperate Housewives, but I don't watch any other sitcoms.
I have all of Ewan's films, so I don't need to see them when they come on TV. I do try to watch Ewan when he goes on a talk show.

There sure hasn't been much Ewan news. I wonder if they are done shooting The Ghost.
I haven't heard of any projects coming up for Ewan. Perhaps he is going to take a vacation. He has been working on films back to back.
I just wish the movies would make it to the theater.
Looking forward to A&D. We know that will be showing~!!!!

I read somewhere that they were going to be filming The Ghost until the middle of May. Ewan's filmography on the IMDb says The Electric Slide is in preproduction, so I assume that's his next project, although they've certainly been wrong before.

I know! Less than a month now until Angels & Demons. I'm so excited!
Oh thats good to know.
I forgot about The Electric Slide.. That could be next. I read that would come out in 2011... So far away, if what we read is correct... Never know!

Perhaps in the meantime we will get ILYPM either at the show or on DVD...
Incendiary DVD comes out May 5th. I have aleady ordered it.
So that is something to look forward to.

AND then ----- Angels & Demons~!!!!!