Anika (honscot) wrote,

Premiere of Milk --EDIT

I found a new picture of Ewan.

He was at the premiere of Sean Penn's new film, Milk on November 13 in Beverly Hills. Shame about the location of the water mark, but at least it's a new picture! I have a Wire Image account, but not the one where you get photos without water marks. He actually doesn't look all that thrilled about having his picture taken, does he? :o)

So clearly he's in California, not New Mexico. I thought he might be in NM filming Men Who Stare at Goats. I do hope the wildfires don't go near his home. I have no idea where it is, but I just read that Governor Schwartzenegger has declared a state of emgergency. It's so, so scary.

EDIT: Thanks to Pam (and ewanmcgregor.neg), we now have LARGE, non-water-marked versions!
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