That was beautiful....

The news I am watching was just showing her performance
on American Idol.
Now some are saying that she should getcomplete make over.
Other say NO just let her alone, she is fine as herself.

Thanks for the link, Anika.
I still can't see the video, so I appreciate the link.
Wasn't it great? I love it; I listened to it several times in a row.

Susan herself doesn't think she needs a makeover and she's a pretty tough cookie, so I'm sure she won't let anyone force her into something she doesn't want. Good for her. I admire her so much.

I remembered to add the link just for you. I'm sorry you're still having trouble viewing the videos. I wonder what could be causing the problem. Does your daughter have any ideas? It sounds like she's good with computers. God knows I'm not!
I hope she doesn't do to much to change herself.
Her talent should carry her just fine.

My daughter and I know about the same about computers, which is
NOT MUCH. No, she doens't know why it is happening.

I was thinking, I updated Adobe Falsh and Java. It seemes it happened after that, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
I went back on the playground and all the previous videos that people posted were gone too.
Weird.... I can see the videos at the youtube site and other sites that put videos on, but not the playground or the forum.

I am waiting to get a bunch of problems before I use my paid for sessions with Dell. McAfee is my sicurity, but you can't even talk to them on the phone any more. Everything is done on the internet. and that is just ot hard to do.

I will get to the bottoms one of these days.

I really do appreciate the link...
Oh, I was thinking you said your daughter was computer savvy.

Here's what I'd do if I were you: I'd ask Pam. She's a genius about computer things. Have you tried that?
I got my computer before my daughter did, so she was learning a bit from me. But she can finguer a lot of things out, but not everything. We are learning together....
And not getting to far~! LOL

I was thinking of pam, but I didn't want to bother her.
Perhaps I should at least ask her.
Thanks for the suggestion.

I will be gone all day tomorrow, so perhaps Monday.
I doubt if Pam would consider it a bother. I think she likes helping people.

Have a nice time away, if it's for a fun reason.
Yes, pam is a sweetheart.
She has helped me before, but never with computer problems.
It's worth trying though.

Yes, a fun day tomorrow... My daughter and I are going to my sister's for the day. We usually go early and stay to around 7-8 pm.
We always have a wondeerful time.
Thank you.
She really does have an amazing voice. I love this song; I love the bluesiness (if that's a word) of it. Evidently she sings frequently in her church, so no one in the village was surprised by her voice, but the rest of the world certainly has been. Jorge says she's had something like 36 million hits on YouTube! He loves her too.