spn - jensen b&w head tip smile

This is awesome.


Found on Twitter.

I'm way behind on my friends page, so forgive me if you've already posted it elsewhere...
Lovely isn't he. :)

I can never find magazines with Ewan, in my area.
So I am glad they are posted on the net.

oh, i saw that on twitter too! *drools*

i'm on twitter, but, RARELY tweet much of anything! same user name, if you want to follow, will return the favor. what is the name of it? the Ewan news thing on there? whatever it is, its delightful, isn't it?

hope all is well with you doll!
I don't tweet all that much either, unless there are a few drinks on board. *g* I sent a follow request for you - I'm honscot there too. :)

It's called Ewan_news, and yeah, it's very informative. I used to check it on bestofewan every day, but I got out of the habit. I've turned into a lazy fangirl! Following it on Twitter is easier.

I'm well, thank you! And you?
glad all is well there! i'm doing well too. just busy. its work stuffs too, so, i hate it. 'cause its the bad kinda busy that keeps me away from fangirling and other fun things!

i've never tried tweeting whilst drinking! seems like that might be asking for trouble! LOL! although most of my, what? 10 followers? are mostly LJ flisters anyway... so, little risk of embarrassing myself there! :) i have enough trouble with using twitter on my smart phone! i'm always favoriting things or retweeting crap, because i do it by accident while scrolling through my happenings! oppps! so, if you see something stupid from me, thats probably why! :)

man, i'm soooooo far behind on my flist and the PG, i don't even know where to start!!!! *cries* i'll likely try to hit the MR posts first! 'cause who doesn't love Christian?????