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Just a little post dedicated to my other favorite man.

I wanted to tell my Johnny Depp story, and show some stunning pictures while I was at it.

Johnny was my favorite for years and years, since the days of Edward Scissorhands, and I still adore him. I suddenly felt like I should give him a bit of my time today, so here he is. In a way, I have Johnny to thank for Ewan. Sounds weird, right? Not really. I became a fan of director Tim Burton because of Johnny; I wanted to see Big Fish because I was a fan of Tim Burton; then, voila!, I found Ewan. And the rest, as they say, is history. I actually never thought anyone could knock Johnny off my top spot, but there you go. A film with Ewan and Johnny, directed by Tim Burton would be my dream come true!

You're welcome. They're great, aren't they? I just found them today.

Would you believe I've never seen 21 Jump Street? I don't remember hearing about it at the time, but I'm not a big TV watcher. I've got it on my Netflix queue, so I'll see it someday. I remember seeing him in Cry-Baby too, but I can't remember if it was before or after Edward Scissorhands. I know my fandom started with Edward, though. He was adorable and broke my heart, and I loved him to death. Have you ever seen Private Resort? It's from 1985, with Rob Morrow. There's naked Depp bottom in that one. Cute!

Not to worry - if anyone is aged around here it's me! LOL
Hi Anika----
I have never seen a Johnny Depp film, but from what I have read, he is a good actor.

I am glad you found Ewan, because you are on the playground with all of us Ewan fans, and I enjoy commenting back and forth with you!!!!!

I just watched Big Fish a few days ago, and it is such a lovely film.
Tim Burton has quite the imagination, and Ewan played a lovely Edward Bloom....

Very nice pictures of Johnny..Thanks for shring them with us.

He is, he's an amazing, incredibly talented actor. I looked at his movie list, and it seems I've been a fan since 1990! Wow, time flies. If you're interested in seeing him in something, you might like Finding Neverland. http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi849805593/ It's a lovely, very touching film. (It was also directed by Marc Forster, who directed Stay.) Johnny does a Scottish accent in it, which I obviously love. :o)

Ah thanks, Char. I enjoy commenting back and forth with you too! I have such fun on the Playground. Thank goodness Lisa (obi1mcgregor) told me about it. I can't get through a day without it now!

I just watched Big Fish again recently too. I really love it, needless to say. I still remember the first time I saw Ewan's glorious smile in it - I was a goner! Sometimes I don't watch the actual movie, just the featurette where he's talking about the character. He's so adorable and enthusiastic. I love when he says about instead of having birthdays we should have a sort of Edward Bloom day when you get to feel good. :o) I was tempted one year to send him a birthday card and write Happy Edward Bloom Day on it! LOL

I love Tim Burton's movies. He has his own "Tim Burton look," which I can always spot. He's a very unique guy.

You're welcome for the pictures. I just found them today, and I love them. Especially the one I made into an icon.
Hi Anike----One of these days I will have to watch a Johnny film. Thanks for the like.

I don't watch many films, and it is usually Ewan films that interest me the most.
You mentioned "Stay"---Another film that didn't go over well with the critics and public, but I really enjoyed it, and Ewan was beautiful in it...I love the character he played, so soft spoken. It was an unusual film, and I tend to like those kind of films.

I am glad I found the playground too. Patty introduced me to it. I sure do miss her. I wish she would come back.

When I watch Big Fish I usually just watch Ewan's role in it.
I have seen it so many times, I just skip to Ewan!!!!

I loved his interview in the special features too. He looks so gorgeous, and was so enthustic about the film.
He is such a sweetheart.
I do cry like a baby at the end of Finding Neverland, but it's a wonderful movie. As Michelle said, you'd want to have tissues on hand. :o)
You're welcome for the link. Be sure to let me know if you ever do watch it, or any of his films. I'd be curious to hear what you thought of him. I think he's amazing.

Stay is a huge favorite of mine, I just love it. Ewan is so great in it and I love the story, although it is heartbreaking. I always blubber away at the end of that one too. LOL I was really irritated by some of the critics' reviews. Some obviously didn't even bother to watch the whole thing. Nice ability to do their job! I mean, what are they being paid for?? *grr* Not only that, but you have to see the ending - that's what explains the whole film, for heaven's sake. My husband, Jorge, really loves that movie too, and he also gets all exasperated over what the critics said about it. Although, you know, I read a great review recently. I can't remember where . . . You probably read it too. I was really chuffed to see something so flattering.

I'm unbelievably worried about Patty, Char. I really miss her too. I wish we would hear something to set my mind at rest that she's all right. :o(
Yeah! Just what we were chatting about the other day and I agree totally! :o)
Johnny is wonderful, he can play any character so convincingly, from Edward Scissorhands to Hunter S Thompson and everything in between, love him. I don't love him in the same way I love Ewan, that is, I don't want to jump into bed with Johnny, but he is exceedingly gorgeous and, like Ewan, seems to be getting more so with age.
I know. He's absolutely amazing the way he can just do anything. An extremely gifted man, and, oh yeah, so gorgeous. Just look at those eyes. Wow.

I feel the same way. As much as I've loved Johnny over the years and faithfully watched his movies, I've never wanted to jump him. Now Ewan, on the other hand - oh my God. No one has ever had the effect on me that he does. I'd jump him in a heartbeat. If only I could latch onto those lips just once I could die a happy woman. I'd have to, because the experience would surely kill me! LOL
Yep yep yep, wow we're like kindred spirits. Johnny makes me laugh and I admire his acting skills, but Ewan is just something totally different. He also makes me laugh, and I admire him in a big way for his acting and also the way he lives his life in general. If he wasn't already gorgeous enough, his generous spirit and sense of humour just make him 100 times more attractive. He makes me feel 14 years old again, I always turn into a gibbering wreck whenever I'm faced with him (three times to date, and I've never managed to speak any coherant words to him yet!) so even if I did get a chance to latch onto his lips, I'm not sure I'd be capable of doing so before I've melted into a puddle of goo! LoL.
I agree completely, 100%. With Ewan, it's the whole package: talent, charisma, charm, generosity, looks, sense of humor - is there anything he doesn't have? I'm not sure I'd be able to even stay conscious in his presence, so you've done far better than I would! Most of me is envious that you've been close enough to him to speak to him, while the rest of me would be terrified to be in the same situation, if that makes any sense at all. :o)

Still . . . the thought of seeing those lips in person . . . OMG, be still, my heart. I know, I've really got it bad. I'm pathetic, really! But, hey, at least I'm in good company!! LOL
He IS a good looking man! I've always liked him. I understand though how Ewan surpassed him in your thoughts. There just is SOMETHING about him that shines so brightly!
There just is SOMETHING about him that shines so brightly!

Nicely put - and so true! :o)