spn - jensen b&w head tip smile


I'm wearing toenail polish the same color as my car. :D

*snort* TMI, but thanks for sharing. I had a really good laugh over that. Don't think I've ever known someone to match their nail polish with their car before.

Don't ever change, sweetie! *mwah*
I have almost the same "vernis à ongles" colour but my car is light grey. Clearly, you're even more predictable than we thought ;D
That's to cute. Matching nail polish and car. :) :)

I would have to wear med. blue~!
I didn't necessarily plan it that way, I just happen to really love that color. :)

Blue is good too. I have some blue polish, but it's a real pain to put on, or I should say, it's a pain to correct the mistakes when I "paint outside the lines," which I always do. I'm not a good nail polisher at all!
I gave up wearing polish long ago.
First, I am lousy at applying it, and I always had my hands
in water.
So I stopped~!~!
I'm lousy at it too. One of these days I'm going to get a professional pedicure and/or manicure, just for fun. :)
Yay! I think so too! It's completely awesome. I hope I never have to elude the police, though, because there's no hiding with that color. :)