March 10th, 2009

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Laurence Olivier Awards Update

A while ago I posted an article announcing that Douglas Hodge and Denis Lawson had both been nominated for Olivier Awards. I just read that Douglas won. How sad that his father just passed away, though, and wasn't there for his win.

Of course, they're a bit confused here. While Douglas has in fact kissed Ewan, it was in Scenes of a Sexual Nature not in Guys & Dolls, as far as I know. Unless they changed the story. :o)

Winners for this year's 33rd annual Laurence Olivier Awards, London's equivalent of the Tonys and the UK's most prestigious stage awards, were announced this evening at a star-studded ceremony held at the Grosvenor House, Park Lane.

Best Actor in a Musical - La Cage aux Folles' Douglas Hodge remarked that “this project has been extraordinary, just about everything that could happen has happened in the time I've been doing it”. Jokingly, he credited his co-star and fellow nominee Denis Lawson: “thank god he didn't win this, I had to carry him through”. He noted that he'd now kissed both Lawson and his nephew Ewan McGregor (in Guys and Dolls) and that Lawson is a good kisser. He recalled how his father, who thought he wouldn't be able to bear a show set in a drag club, had come to love La Cage aux Folles and, fighting back tears, Hodge thought “he would have loved this if he'd been here to see it”. The actor's father just passed away on Thursday.

Here's the rest of the article, if anyone is interested.