spn - dean frontierland peek

Oh my.

I'm watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The homoerotic subtext is off the charts. :)

Another, 'cause it's pretty (and big; be sure to click).
Oh, absolutely. It's just so obvious what was going on behind the scenes. They give great banter too, awfully similar to two other boys we know and love. :)
Hmmmmmmmmm It never entered my mind that they could be a "couple".
*snort* Actually, I'm with Char. I never thought of them as a couple. *adds to Netflix to check for self*
I bet you will when you see it again, it's so obvious. Clearly the woman was just a beard. :)
Ah the very first cowboy couple!! AND ménage à trois!!! The very stuff fanfic is made of... ;)
Ok, my French is coming out... I don't get that. What do you mean by 'beard'?? Is this an expression? *scratches her litttle head*

I knew you wouldn't, that's why I gave you the link. Click on "beard." ;)
Oh!!! I thought it was one of those internet words. You know, often you get messages with words underline and they are really just a link because they are recognized by the net!!

Will do when I get back, off for a car ride in the sun!
Oh, yes, I know the ones you mean. Sometimes there are so many they make the piece hard to read!

Hope you enjoy your ride. It certainly has been a gorgeous day. We're off to a country fair - with lots of extra layers tucked into the backpack because I think it's going to be COLD tonight. Ugh, I'm not ready for cold weather yet. :(
Me neither, my toes and fingers were cold ALL day. I have the portable heater on in my office!!!!

Noooooooo, not winter again!!!!!! *hides*
Well there you go, another word to add to my personal dic!!! :) Honestly, I can be so out of it...

So what do we call the opposite? The male used by a lesbian to try and fool the public? The ponytail??
Hee, ponytail! I like it. But no, beard is interchangeable, male or female. Very useful word. :) And that woman in this movie was a total beard!