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It's so true... (Not that I actually have any children.)

Or maybe I'm just showing my age. ;)
LOL. I'm surprised if any of 'em will even remember what a cassette tape is o.O
I've got some kicking around here someplace, but I doubt if they'd still play... and I don't have a cassette player anymore. But man, they were the cat's pajamas for a while there, huh? ;)
My car plays cassettes~~!!!
I do hae a player that plays both cds and cassettes.
I have lots of cassettes and they all play just fine.
When I bought my car 11 years ago, I could have either, a cd player or
cassette, and I chose the cassettes because I didn't have any cds at the
time. Now I have pleanty of both.

I prefer the cds.
My sister has a player that will take songs off vinal or cassettes and
make cds with wonderful quality. So, I may convert my favs one of these
days. And if I ever get another car, it will definitely have a cd player~~!!!