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Ugh, get me out of New Hampshire

It's snowing. On October 27. There should be a law that snow can't come until at least December. I mean, my preference would be that it never come at all, but for crying out loud, can't it hold off until it's actually winter?!
At least you can go and visit Rose and you will still feel at home ;)

Go read some J2, you'll feel better !
That's true, Rose is probably in the same boat up there in Canada. Maybe I don't feel so bad now!

Go read some J2, you'll feel better !
Oh, man, do I have to?! *pouts* Oh well, okay, but only if you insist. ;)
there's my cheeky gal!!!!! *grabs bijou n shakes her silly* Same could be said of you, didn't you get lots of white stuff last year??
Hey you could both come over and we'll keep ourselves warm with chats of hot guys n hot fic!!!! :)

*big warm kisses*
That is early. We had it in November last year and the kids woke up and said, "IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!"

Keep warm.
Hee, kids!

I'll do my best. Pretty much froze my chin earlier when we went out for a walk, though. It's much too early for that nonsense.
It's a distinct possibility. But I sure don't want it so I'm happy to send it on its way!
UGH_-- and here I am complaining about cooler and rainny weather.
Snow is not what I want to see any time soon.
But I do have the snow shovel handy~~!!!

I hope it warms up for you and melts all of it~!
oh dear god, no! and you know where it will be next, don't you? *offers a hot chocolate*
Did you get the heinous blizzard up there too? I never should have complained about the tiny amount of snow we got on the 27th, because last night we got about a foot!! This is so NOT RIGHT.
I hate to tell you, but no, we didn't. My hubby was just there on business (Hartford, Connecticut) and he said they got snow, but he managed to leave on the eve of the big one!!

What is this freaky weather?? We i told up here by the 'wise ones' that we could expect an extremely cold winter but with very little snow. I hate those! They are depressing and dark. :(

Oh no, how horrible at this time of year! Hopefully it goes away for you soon

I really hope we don't get as much snow this year as we did last year, that was an absolute nightmare

It got worse, Clare! We got an actual blizzard yesterday, which dropped at least a foot of snow!! It's not even Halloween yet, for crying out loud. Yeesh.