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Celebratory post.

Much as I didn't want to, I had my annual Pap smear (ewww) and mammogram recently, and now I've gotten my letters advising me that everything is normal. Woohoo, that torture is over for another year! I know it's necessary and all, but it's just so nerve-racking and I get myself all worried every time. I also had a mammography tech who couldn't possibly have had less personality, and who really hurt me. Jeez, I can't help it if I don't have size C breasts! Squeezing the life out of what little I do have is just mean. But, anyway, it's over now. Yay!

Let's celebrate with some sexy Ewan. Yeah, yeah, I know - he's always sexy, but this one is really, really sexy.

How delicious is that?! Thanks to Morgan (byte366) for posting this recently so I could steal it. :o)
YAY! *dances* that's great news! I hate those things, but I haven't had a mammogram yet even though I am due to have one. I'll have the same problem as you there isn't much there to squeeze but the upside of that is gravity is kinder to small boobs! heee
I know, yay! No boobs in the armpits when we lie down. :o)

God, that was a nasty image, wasn't it?? LOL
Thanks, Michelle. It's a relief to have it over.

Isn't that picture great? I seriously love it. *swoons*
I have been finding mammograms for me have not hurt at all anymore..It's either a better machine or better tech.
I sure haven't changed any!
But I still call it the--- once a year torcher chamber.

Very sexy our Ewan is..
They have much better machines these days. They're digital now, so the images they get are much better, and usually they don't have to take as many shots anymore.

The problem I had this time was all the tech. She had me all twisted up and pinched, and then she made some comment about getting as much breast tissue in as was possible - seeming to imply that it was my fault that I didn't have more! The other women who were there at the same time as me had techs who were actually nice and friendly, while I got the pincher with the chilly personality, and I use the word personality loosely. LOL Oh well, it's over and done with. Yay!

Yes, he certainly is. *fans self*
I still was using the older type machine, but a lot of having a more pleasant experience IS the Tech. I have mostly had great Techs, but I know some can be TO professional and come on like a cold uncaring person. OUCH!!!

You're so funny Anika! Glad it's over for another year! Good excuse to celebrate with EWAN!!! I love weekends!
Thanks, Reba! :o)

It was just an excuse, really. We don't actually need reasons to celebrate with Ewan, do we? Any day's a good day!

Enjoy your Sunday.