spn - jensen b&w head tip smile

Another in the series

Recently flyinfaeries83 came across some new-to-us photos, or so I thought. But while going through some photos on a disc of stuff from my old computer, I found one more, which I obviously must have seen before and just don't remember. At any rate, here it is Anna. The quality isn't great, but the hand porn definitely is.

Thanks Anika. I'm drinking tomato soup for lunch when I clicked this I nearly choked. Thanks for posting another photo from this shoot.

Anika this is great. I do love his devilish look in this shoot. Thanks for posting.
I love the look on Ewan's face, and half smile.
Like he knows something that we don't know!!!

Thanks Anika---Great picture~!!
I really love it too, and OMG, those hands. Just imagine what he could do with them. :o)

You're welcome.