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Did you watch the Golden Globes?

I never watch awards shows because I find them too nerve-wracking. I'm constantly on edge, worrying that someone I admire is going to make a fool of themselves in front of millions of people. I can't take the pressure. However, I'm always interested in who was nominated and who won, and always love seeing what they wore. Just thought I'd post a few of my favorite pictures.

I think it goes without saying that Ewan was beautiful. :)

My favorite pic from the event! This is Uggie from the movie The Artist. Note the bow tie! :D

Zooey Deschanel
I'm in love with her, she's adorable! She's even wearing my favorite color.

Salma Hayek
Her dress was dissed, but I kind of like it. Anyway, she's sexy and gorgeous.

Nicole Kidman
Looking svelte and beautiful.

Jessica Alba
She has the most beautiful smile.

George Clooney and Stacey Keibler
Evidently he helped pick out her dress, so well done, George, she looks amazing.

Elton John and David Furnish
Love their sense of style with the (diamond?) leopard pin on Elton's lapel and David's shoes. :)

Busy Phillips
I think this is a cool dress, with the '20s-looking fringe, and quite flattering to her. (I find myself collecting pics of her since I liked her so much in Dawson's Creek.)

Debra Messing
This is my favorite dress from the event. I think it's absolutely stunning and fits her to a T.

Charlize Theron
The "fashion police" are falling all over themselves, gushing about how perfect and beautiful she looked. Yes, she's incredibly lovely, but I don't care much for this dress at all, it's just... odd. I don't like the jeweled piece at the waistline, nor do I like those large bow-looking things, and I've never been a fan of those plunging necklines what put women's breastbones on display. Maybe it's the lighting, but I also think she looks a bit pale and washed out. What do you think?

I don't watch award shows. I have better things to watch. I only watched this and the People's Choice Awards 'cos Ewan was there. (And Liam was at the People's Choice Awards. Double pleasure!)

Ewan was most definitely beautiful! *sigh*

I hadn't even noticed that Uggie was wearing a tie. How adorable.

Nichole and Jessica were stunning.

George picked out the dress? Well done!

Elton and David, such a lovely couple.

The 'fashion police' really liked Charlize's dress? Seriously? Ewww! They all need their eyes examined.
They all need their eyes examined.

Yeah, there were several of their choices where I went, 'You've GOT to be kidding, you actually think that looks good?'
Ewan looked gorgeous of course :D so sexy in that suit!! i wish i could have seen the award show just for him

Uggie is such a cute little dog! i really want to see the Artist

I love Zooey Deschanel too. she is really adorable. her tv show New Girls only just started over here a couple of weeks ago and since then i've fallen for her, she's really brilliant

there is something a bit odd about Charlie Theron's dress.. i saw another picture of it from a different angle which made it look much nicer, i think it made the bow look smaller and didn't make her leg stick out in a weird way :P
I thought it was adorable seeing a dog on the red carpet. :D I really want to see The Artist too, just from seeing the poster. I actually have no idea what it's about. LOL.
I love Zooey Deschanel too. she is really adorable. her tv show New Girls only just started over here a couple of weeks ago

are you both still watching New Girl?

i'm hooked! but know like no one else who is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
they've only shown 3 episodes over here so far but i'm already hooked!

Jess is so damn cute, she's adorkable. i want to be her, lol, she's just so carefree and true to herself. and the whole program is hilarious
Ewan is looking his Gorgeous best~!
Eve is looking very nice too.

I love Nichole and her dress. Always super lovely.
All the dresses are very nice.
And---the doggie is adorable.

Thanks for posting all these pictures as I didn't watch the show.
You're welcome. There are tons of great pictures on the IMDb, this is just a teeny fraction of them. I love looking at them! :)
Hey there! Well, I'm with you on the best dress... Debra Messing's was stunning. I don't care so much for Charlize's. Very Greek goddess-ish. And I'm not a fan of her haido either.

Speaking of hair, what is that on Eve's head? I liked her dress, she looked very classy from the neck down... and Ewan, my oh my... complete with shiny shoes!! HALLELUJAH!!! :D

I missed his presentation!!! It must have been at the beginning? I was so sad. Did Beginners win anything?
Eve is wearing a headband with some sort of embellishment on it. It's unusual, to say the least, but I still think it looks nice. Combined with the fringe on her dress, her whole look is sort of flapper-ish to me.

Christopher Plummer won Best Supporting Actor for Beginners. If they'd been smart, they would have had Ewan present that award! There's a video of Christopher's acceptance speech here (scroll down). He very charmingly teases Ewan. :)

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Darn, the vid's been taken down. Bummer :(

I'm glad he won... so what DID Ewan present then?
Ewan looks great as usual :) I like Eve's headband, but I want a better view of the dress.
Salma is so hot she can wear anything IMO.

I love Nicloe's dress is is so flattering and really works for her. Love it, especially since she has some rough red carpet moments the last few years, nice to see her back to beings fashionable.

George and Stacy look lovely.

Elton and David look very swank and Idris Elba was wearing the same shoes as David. :) I LOVE Idris.

I have to be honest I like Charlize but she's just not that pretty IMO and however she does have sex appeal and this look does not highlight that. The lighting makes it look like she has bags under her eyes, that color is too close to her skin tone, and a neckline like that belongs on a woman with breasts like Salma. Additionally the shoes are wrong for the dress.

I adore awards shows. The Oscars is my Super Bowl.
Now that you mention it, I agree with you - Charlize's shoes really don't look right with that dress. There's too much dress and not enough shoe.

Here's another look at Eve's dress. (Click - it's huge.) She was also wearing some dark (black?), open-toed shoes and red toenail polish to match her fingernails. I've got a few more of these pics I'm planning to post on the PG tomorrow.

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Hi hon :D

How are you? Hope you had a great weekend. Mine has been good. Lovely watching snow dancing outside the window as I worked on homework. I am working on applications for my bank teller course to see what applications for banks are like.

I enjoyed the show ok. Loved seeing Ewan looking so dashing (perfect outfit for him) and Eve. They look sublime together. Also the highlight for me was Christopher Plummer winner, his speech and praise for Ewan, Ewan presenting, and Claire Daines and Homeland winning (love that show).

I love Selma and agree I think they are rating her wrong as I love the dress. It has gorgeous detail, and her figure looks amazing in it. I mean she owns it. My fave was Nicole Kidman. She has never looked better. That dress looks so perfectly made for her, and so unique. It also makes her hair pop. Perfect choice.

Have a great day
I agree. I think Nicole looks lovely. The dress was criticized as being too busy, but it looks beautiful on her so I totally disagree, and I love her gorgeous hair.

Best of luck with your course, Jen. xx
Thanks for these. I agree with you about live shows like this. That's why I don't like embarrassing comedy - it makes me cringe.

I miss my friend Jane at the old place where I worked - we used to buy the celeb magazine very occasionally, for the awards photos and shriek at the frocks!

George is looking more gorgeous as he gets older.
I absolutely LOVE seeing the dresses, the hits and the misses. Naturally, some of the latter are the most fun. ;D

I really do think George is the Cary Grant of the modern age: handsome, talented, funny, and suave. Of course, there's also that whole practical-joke thing you have to be on your guard about. I'd be a nervous wreck working with him!