spn - jensen b&w head tip smile

Young Adam premiere photos, etc. ETA: Added two more.

These are specifically for shelby77775, but feel free to ogle and drool - just don't short out your keyboard.

Sorry they're not all pensive, Shelby, but hopefully you'll like and can use some of them. If not, you can still add them to your collection, which is always a very good thing, isn't it? :o)








Then I found these too, which I really liked, so I thought I'd throw them in as well.



I just found these on my laptop. I think this might be the same black shirt! Hee. It's definitely the same leather cord around his neck. Oh, how I love that cord. *sigh*


Thanks Anika! These will be very helpful! Thanks for posting them! I will email you when I have some update! Had to put to the side for a bit....
You're welcome! I added a couple more just now. I really think that's the same black shirt, even if it the photos weren't taken at the same time.

Goodness! This is really fun. :D

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Ngh. How unbelievable hot is it that he wears his sgian dubh. That's so...unhhh...MANLY. So handsome. So. *sigh*

Eve looks a bit like someone is skiing off the back of her head in that last one. Don't get me wrong, she's lovely, but ouch. That looks tight.

Ewan is never hotter than when he's bekilted (new word, hee). Ooh, might you have a pic of him in the white tie and kilt solo? *bats lashes*

Ask and ye shall receive. :D

I was going to say I didn't have one when, lo and behold, I came across it in my laptop pictures. I've got hundreds, and they very clearly need organization so I actually know what I have.

I've forgotten some of the kilt terms. The sgian dubh is the dirk in the sock? It is definitely manly. Oh yes. But I prefer the boots. The boots are just RAWR!

You're right, Eve's hair does look pretty tight. I've never seen her with quite so much eye makeup either. If that's what it takes to get him to kiss me like that I'll go shopping. Right. Now.

Bekilted is a lovely word! Into our Ewan lexicon it goes. :D
Kiltcake! LOL

Apparently it's from Burns Night 2002. Isn't he adorable? Look at that little flip he's got in his hair. :o)

Ooh, I just noticed the braid on the shoulder. Very nice.
Kiltcake - haha! Good one!

2002? Must be a combo of the hair flip and that smile that makes him look cupcakey! *sigh*
Oh. Mah. GUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH. The sweet boyish face. The smile. The bit of scruff. *falls over dead*

And Eve, you're not getting by w/o a notice to those red boots. Boots. We need to submit this pic to Akemi's Eve Fashion Intervention file, heh.

Man, it would take me DAYS to organize my Ewan pics. After I reached the um...*mumbles* thousands, it just became too big a job. And when I want to find a particular pic, I have to scroll through aaaaaaall of them. *dramatic sigh* What a CHORE, looking at Ewan for long expanses of time. ;)

Kilt + boots is the sex.

And you'd be proud of me - I blew off dissertating last night to go see A&D again. SO WORTH IT.
So I'm going to assume you like it then. LOL It is pretty fabulous, and I had no idea I even had it. I've got photos everywhere: here on the laptop, on my work computer, on a disc from my old computer...it's insane. I do want to organize them, because it's frustrating when I'm looking for a certain picture or group of pictures. Oh yeah, it's a hideous chore to spend lots of time looking at the boy. *shrugs* It's the proverbial dirty job that someone has to do. :D

Shhh, no, don't report sweet little Eve to Akemi! The first thing I thought of when I saw the red boots was, oh dear, Akemi would have a field day with those boots.

You saw A&D again? Oh, I am TOTALLY proud of you!! Yay!
YUM Mr Gorgeous...
I love the first one....

Thanks Anika----They are lovely.
You're welcome, Char. I'm glad you liked them. By the way, I added a few more. I'm sure you have them, but they're still fun to look at. :o)
I do have most of them. I just love the last one you posted.
I am thinking that there must be a full length one of the last one out there somewhere?

Thanks for letting me know you posted more....
OH to have been Emily Mortimer...except for the spanking scene, OMG how humiliating would that have been? But even just to stand there and hold his hand at Cannes. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm NGH! Thanks Anika!!!

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I know! And apparently they had only just met! "Hi, I'm Ewan. Now strip off so I can throw custard on you and spank you." O_O

I would die if he ever touched me...or at the very least pass out. *nods* There's no doubt in my mind. But wait. He could revive me then, right? :D

You're welcome! I'm glad you loved them. I added a few more since you were here last...
Scruff! Chest hair peekage! Changable eyes! Mr. Hot Scot indeed!

Thanks, Anika!
All of your favorite things! I planned it that way, of course. :o) I added two more of your favorites since you were here last...

You're very welcome, Lisa. I do love gazing at photos of the boy. *sigh*
All of your favorite things!
In the words of Sally Field - You like me! You really like me!
I planned it that way, of course.
*snerk* Uh huh. I think it was just an excuse to post your fave kilt look. Either way we ALL benefit! *goes back to drooling. oops! dribbled on keyboard*
In the words of Sally Field - You like me! You really like me!
'Course I do!

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that I don't like about that outfit he wore for the premiere. Rawr and double RAWR! Why oh why does he never wear it anymore?!

Now, I warned you at the beginning about that drooling, didn't I? You must listen to Anika when she warns you. :o)
I just happen to be writing on my book and those photos are really helpin this love scene. (Ewan is a good Muse)
Hmm...with Ewan as your muse, I have a feeling the heat in your scene just went up a notch or two.
Oh drat, I'm still not getting updates!
Ahh well, I'll just have to stalk you the old fashioned way =P
But mmmmm look at all the pretty!
Morgan! Welcome! Stalk away, you don't scare me. :D

Isn't he just the most gorgeous thing?
I'm here late as asual but it's still as good ! So many years now, and that boy still does strange things to me ;)
Better late than never, right? :o)

I completely know what you mean. He has quite an effect on me too, but it's oh so good.

Lovely icon. *sigh*