I was never very familiar with him until recently, but I really like what I've seen. :D
that was amazing! I love NPH so much :D

thanks for sharing the video. can't watch the Tony awards here, at least not on the channels I have. it's not really my kinda thing anyway but I probably would have watched it just to see Neil :)
Wasn't it?? LOVE.

I've never been very familiar with NPH, but I'm becoming a real fan. He's very talented and pretty adorable. :D
I've only become a fan of him through How I Met Your Mother, amazing show and I really fell for Neil in that. got a bit obsessed with the show after starting watching it last year and ended up having some very bizzare dreams about NPH, some dirty some just plain weird ;D lol
The mind does strange things. LOL.

I must remember to watch that; I keep forgetting. I've just moved it up to the top of my Netflix streaming queue. I have seen bits and pieces and definitely liked what I saw.
Thank you for entertaining me!!! That was magical! I love Broadway.
Oh, man, so do I! Jorge and I go whenever we can.

You're very welcome. Thanks for stopping by. :D