I actually wasn't scared (I was in the second-floor screened in porch, then inside the house), but I certainly was freaked out. It's not something you expect to see, to say the least! It's gone now. Probably wandering the neighborhood, looking for bird feeders, even though we're not supposed to have them out - and this is exactly why! We don't have any, but I have to wonder if other people around here do.
Oh, cool, I'd love to see a baby moose. We've seen adults a couple of times when we were driving around the development, but never a baby, and none at all for a few years now. We have a lot of foxes and turkeys, but this is the first time I've seen a bear wandering around in broad daylight. It was actually very pretty - looked healthy with lovely, shiny fur - but I'm not thrilled about having it in my yard!
Definitely not something that you hear every day, especially not where I live!!!
Well, we are in a pretty wooded area, but the bears are supposed to stay in the woods, not come into my yard!
Beats easily the snake I saw once coming right at me with open mouth and fangs at the ready ;) That had me completely freaked for a few minutes and I guess it would be ten times worse with a bear, even from a distance !

Admit it, you only want to see a baby moose because of Jared :)
Beats easily the snake I saw once coming right at me with open mouth and fangs at the ready

OMG, I would have been terrified! So, what, it just slithered away without attacking? What did you do, back away slowly?? I find snakes fascinating, but only at a large distance, or behind glass!

Hee! I hadn't even thought of the Jared-baby moose connection, but now that you mention it . . . ;)
There was nothing slow or reasonnable about the way I backed away. I jumped on my feet, grabed the cat lying next to me and closed the door on the snake in all of three seconds. Poor animal was probably more scared than me and there's a good chance it was not dangerous and just trying to impress me but I didn't really think about all this while I was freaking out ;)

And now I can't help thinking of the false bear in Changing Channels. Next you'll see the Hulk in your backyard :D
Fortunatetly not ! I would never have found the courage to go back inside ! I don't remember what I was doing, just that I sat on the steps at the entrance, basking in the sun, but it killed the mood a bit ;)

So, did your furry friend come back for a visit in the area since the other day ?
A big bear??! Not some joker in a bear suit? A real live hairy bear?

LOL. Not terribly big--my husband saw it too and thought it was probably an adolescent--but most definitely not a joker in a bear suit. Its hair was black, sleek, and shiny. :)
Oh, great. I hope it doesn't decide it wants to eat from the apple tree in the backyard. Or the crabapple tree in the front yard! O_o I mean, it was very cool to see, but it was still a bear, you know?

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I wondered where my hubby wandered off to.... :)))) </p>

A black bear? Did u take a pic?

Oh, you're just cruel. LOL. Poor hubby.

Yeah, a black bear. I wish I had gotten a picture of it, but by the time I got back to the window with my phone, the bear was disappearing around the side of the house.
Looked like the real thing to me, but maybe it was a big, burly, wild, gay animal. ;D