bill nighy

Fixing it

Just saw this pic and had to laugh. That's tellin' him, baby!

Who is Andy, and who is this angry woman?
Is this a permanant tattoo????
Thanks for the information, Anika.
Sure are some weird tattoos, and they are SOOOOOO permanant~~!!!
Yep, permanent indeed. You'd best be VERY sure before you commit. Not to mention double-checking the spelling! Did you see "You only live ones"? Ones! OMG.
Yes---- There should be lots of checking going on and know that you will be living with your choice for a very long time~!
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why tattoos of people's names are not the best idea. *grins* I enjoy her solution.
*nods* Yep, you'd better be pretty darned sure of that relationship before you take the plunge. I'll always love Johnny Depp's "Wino Forever" solution to his mistake. :)
I saw the pic and your username at the same time on my friends page and experienced that awful millisecond when I though it was you on that pic :D

It might have been difficult to hide from your hubby ;)
LOL! Nope, definitely not me! Never have known an Andy, and most definitely haven't tattooed his name on my back. This woman shouldn't have either. ;D
That's the sort of daft thing my daughter might have done in her younger days. Thankfully she's become wiser. ouchie.
Live and learn. Luckily your daughter didn't learn the hard way, like this girl did. :)