tom hiddleston - hands


Happy Birthday to splix!

I'm thinking of this as a wee tribute to Jamie and his darling Jim (did you spot the rose?). I couldn't decide which one I liked the best so, here, have two. :D

war horse bd wp 2

war horse bd wp 1

I hope you have an awesome birthday!

Oh! And here's a bonus. I've never seen this glorious picture before. You probably have, but I'm sure you'll still enjoy it. ;)


OMG OMG OMG!!! That is flippin' GORGEOUS! The rose, eeeeeeeee, I'm all aswoon! Jim and Jamie still hold pre-eminence in my heart. Oh, that is so beautiful, thank you SO much! You're a doll! *huge hugs*

I have seen that pic, but no objection whatsoever to seeing it again. Boots? Leather? Those mile-long legs? YES PLEASE. *eyebrow waggle*

Thank you, thank you!

Oh, I'm thrilled that you love it so much! YAY! You're very welcome. :D

Boots? Leather? Those mile-long legs?
Right?! Yowza.

Have a great day! *birthday hug*
Wow this was not for me, but I just DIED from the beauty. I adore these two men SOOOOOOO much. War Horse is a stunning film too. Tom and Benedict are such talented sweet guys.

Aww, thanks, Jen, you're so nice. Isn't War Horse a great movie? I like it very much, and splix wrote a lovely piece of fan fiction based on it, called Roses of Picardy, which is what I was going for with my wallpaper. I don't know if you read fanfic, let alone male/male stories, but if you do, I highly recommend this one.

Tom Hiddleston is adorable. I just love him to pieces. I like Benedict too, but Tom… Tom has a place in my heart. :)