Anika (honscot) wrote,

Happy Birthday to splix!

I hope you have a wonderful, memorable day, Alex! I have no Photoshop skills, nor, in fact, do I have Photoshop, so I went in search of some pre-made goodies for you in honor of your special day.

I found a little piece about a photo shoot Viggo did in the early 1980s, for a book called Beautiful Men, which included these lovely pictures. You've no doubt seem them before, but I would think they're worthy of a revisit, wouldn't you? :o)

I don't know about you, but I love that hairy chest and belly, and the floppy hairdo.

Another nice one I came across.

I think this wallpaper is fantastic. (Click to enlarge.)

I really like this pic too. Shame it's so small.

And what birthday would be complete without Ewan in one of his best looks ever, and Sean ever so subtly copping a bit of a feel? And the people in the background totally catching him at it. :D


Tags: birthdays, the island

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