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Happy Birthday to splix!

I hope you have a wonderful, memorable day, Alex! I have no Photoshop skills, nor, in fact, do I have Photoshop, so I went in search of some pre-made goodies for you in honor of your special day.

I found a little piece about a photo shoot Viggo did in the early 1980s, for a book called Beautiful Men, which included these lovely pictures. You've no doubt seem them before, but I would think they're worthy of a revisit, wouldn't you? :o)

I don't know about you, but I love that hairy chest and belly, and the floppy hairdo.

Another nice one I came across.

I think this wallpaper is fantastic. (Click to enlarge.)


I really like this pic too. Shame it's so small.

And what birthday would be complete without Ewan in one of his best looks ever, and Sean ever so subtly copping a bit of a feel? And the people in the background totally catching him at it. :D


Happy Birthday Alex!
Best I've got is my *very* well used Icon for pressies =P
Thank you! :D

That's an absolutely gorgeous icon. Oh, delicious. *happy sigh*
Mmm, Julien and Charles. *happy sigh* Provocateur and Sacred & Profane still are, and no doubt always will be, the best fanfic ever written.
Wow, thank you!!! I have no Photoshop either, but who needs it with these pretties?

Viggo's so RIDICULOUSLY young and pretty in those top pictures. And the third one I had as a wallpaper for the longest time.

That's my absolute FAVORITE Boromir picture ever. He looks so dashing and noble in it.

And the threesome. Heh heh heh. :D

And that last picture. Of course Scarlett is sex on legs there and I'd cop a feel myself, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't fantasize that she was actually standing somewhere else and it was just Ewan and Sean in a clinch. Of course...is Ewan's hand brushing Sean's shoulder? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.

What a WONDERFUL plethora of birthday treats! Thank you so much, Anika! *hug*
Yay!! I'm so glad that you liked them all. I had fun with them too. :o)

Hmm, I never thought of that - Ewan could very well be brushing Sean's shoulder there. :D

You're entirely welcome. *hugs* Have a lovely day!
Ewan could very well be brushing Sean's shoulder there. :D

I can dream, yeah? ;D

This is odd - I don't see this post on my friends page, only when I click directly on your name. What gives, I wonder?
You can! As they say in Local Hero, dream large. :o)

I don't know. There have been some LJ weirdnesses lately, people not being notified when someone has commented, not seeing posts, etc. I friended someone and it didn't take the first time. I have no idea what's going on. Even I didn't see this post on my friends page last night without clicking on my own name, though I do today. Bizarre happenings.