spn - s&d seriously?

Did you see this?

Uzi instructor killed in accidental shooting.

What I'd like to know is:

- Why in God's name was a 9-year-old girl taking Uzi lessons?
- Why is that even legal, and who the hell needs to take Uzi lessons in the first place, let alone kids?
- The parents thought this was a good idea?! I feel sorry for the girl too - for having these morons for parents.

I fear for this world of ours, I really do.
It sure is strange that such a dangerous weapon is being used by such a young child.
I would think there would be an age limit. Like 18 or older. or at least 16.
But not with that size weapon.

It is a dangerous world and the need for protection in ones home may be necessary, but use some common sense~~!!
So stupid of her parents and the centre where they did it. Like char said, I thought there was an over 16 rule in these places. The poor girl now has to live with the fact that she's killed someone :(