spn - jensen b&w head tip smile

I found a gorgeous new picture.

This really deserves to be shared.

They're big.

This one is recent.

Then there's this lovely - very lovely - older one.

And this one, which I just adore.

I don't think that's the same bike that's on auction. I thought so before, but there are differences, like the tank for one thing. Obviously I could be wrong.

There are others as well, including the one posted on bestofewan, which I guess we shouldn't post elsewhere; he/she maybe has the exclusive rights?

Aren't they wonderful? mmmmm I got them from this website:

Also, here's the link to the auction. It's going really well. I just know they're going to make loads of money for UNICEF! I'm so proud of Ewan for doing this! What a wonderful, generous person he is. *sigh*
Guh! I do love that man with his bikes!

They are different bikes I think the black one is one he keeps in LA(?) maybe.
Boy oh boy, so do I! Those big powerful things between his legs... Oh God. I've done it again. *fans self*
I know just what you mean, those big throbbing things between his legs make me go weak at the knees!
Ahhhh! You are NOT helping! Weak at the knees, short of breath, and overheated!
I don't think this white one is the one being auctioned off. The one here seems little compared to the one on the auction block. The one being auctioned has a black front fender and a bigger white front and has white paniers, and a shield in the front of the cycle.

Gorgeous pictures, Anika.
And the auction is going well.
Great to have the link to follow the bidding. Thank you so much..
Yeah, I know you're right. I just saw the Moto Guzzi and white fenders, and jumped to conclusions a few days ago.

I forgot about this video! I saw it way back when and then forgot. Thanks, Char!! He was completely adorable with how excited he was about his tank, and so cute at the end. I just love the man! Anyone that adorable just so deserves a hug. *squeezes him*

(Don't I wish!)
Your welcome Anika---
Ewan is in so many videos, it's hard to remember all of them.
I especially love this one. Ewan being himself.

Boy wouldn't we all love to give him a nice big hug, or more!!!
Just dreaming!!!
And he is adorable...Does Ewan even realize just how adorable he is?????
Wow, thanks for the links Anika AND Char! I'm so glad for friends that keep me up to date because I completely missed this! He is such a cutie!

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You're entirely welcome! Get your bid in on the Moto Guzzi before it's too late. LOL! Don't we wish, eh?!