So nice to see a "real" post on my flist :) (and to get an opportunity to use my Xmas Dean icon !)

What are you up to these days ? Spending Christmas at home or travelling a bit ? In any case, I hope you're having a great time, nice food and lovely fanfics. Happy end of the year, my friend :)
Hello there :)

I did spend Christmas at home. Jorge cooked and we had a nice, quiet day. But earlier in the month, I went with my sister, her husband, and my nephew and his buddy to Cancun for four days. That was our family Christmas. Unfortunately, Jorge couldn’t go because of his schedule. We had a good time; it was warm and pretty.

You know me, I’m always reading fanfics. :D Right now I’m reading an odd Sam/Dean one that I don’t especially like, but I have to see how it turns out. Do you have any recommendations?

Happy end of the year to you too. I can’t believe how few days there are left in the year. Where did 2018 go?!
I'm not sure where 2018 went, but it sure ran away from me ! And I have a feeling that 2019 might be off to the same start…

I think Cancun is in Mexico, right ? I guess it would be too warm for me, but I imagine it's indeed very pretty.

I don't really have recs. The few SPN/RPS fics I've read recently you've probably read too (I remember whispered_story, dugindeep, storyspinner, from the spn J2 xmas challenge I believe). I read a Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan new fic by Elayna that took me for a nice little trip back in time (remember the good old days of Q/O ? :D), and I'm pretty much all over my different fandoms. The most I've (re)read certainly was H50, especially some old favorites of mine that I probably recc'ed already like Teelsie's The love that you gave verse, Haldoor's Rustlers & vagabonds, Jinx's It only hurts when I breathe, Cyerus' Love's a battlefield (and the Navy did not train Steve for this shit), Sans_souci2's Picture perfect… I reread because they're all so great in their own genre (ranging from humorous to hot passing through heartbreaking - with a happy ending) but also for inspiration and character voices, since I've been blessed with an unusual easiness to write my own stories these last few days (remember that series I told you about, showcasing Steve's dreams ? I've finished four stories out of seven, another is almost done, and the last two are coming along nicely) and, on top of being proud of myself, this sensation of words flowing freely from my fingertips to my laptop screen is a glorious feeling that I don't get to enjoy nearly enough ! I don't think I'll manage to finish the whole series before 2019 shows up, but I'll give it my best try :)

Last but not least, thank you so much for your beautiful card ! Made my day yesterday :D And if we don't talk again before the big night, I hope you and Jorge have a great New Year's Eve !
You’re very welcome for the card. :)

Yes, Cancun is in Mexico. It wasn’t that hot when we were there, but we were right on the ocean. It was certainly warmer away from the water. It felt very nice to be out of New Hampshire in December, though. I was very relieved that our weather was cooperative when I got back. We’re 2-1/2 hours north from the airport in Boston, and that drive home would have been a nightmare in winter weather.

I do remember the Q/O days quite well. I could never get enough. I must have read hundreds of them! Remember the Master and Apprentice website? I spent a LOT of time there. I reread one of my favorite stories several months ago, The Seduction of Obi-Wan Kenobi I think it’s called. I still loved it, although I confess that Obi-Wan was looking more like Jensen and Qui-Gon more like Jared in my mind . . . ;)

I read two of the stories you mentioned (Picture Perfect (hot!) and It Only Hurts When I Breathe) and really enjoyed them. I had read the second one before, but it was nice to read it again. I do love hurt/comfort. <3 I’ll definitely check out the others. Thank you.

I just finished a hugely long J2 fic that was awesome; I miss it already. (I can’t remember how to do the code, but here’s the link if you’re interested: D/s is not my thing at all, as I think you know. This was D/s light, though, so I quite enjoyed it. :)

Great news about your writing going so well! That series sounds quite intriguing, I must say. :)