Anika (honscot) wrote,

Fundraising auction

An auction is being held to benefit theatregirl7299, who has had an awful thing happen to her; please see below. There are a lot of things on offer: fics, art, crafts, jewelry. The Go Fund Me link is on the auction post, if you’d prefer to just make a donation without participating in the auction. Please help if you can, and thanks for reading. :)

Copied from auction post: “theatregirl7299 is a writer and a beta reader that many of you already know from the Supernatural and White Collar fandoms. She is a wonderfully kind and helpful person, and a positive presence in our fandom world. Unfortunately, she recently experienced an injury which ultimately led to one of her feet being amputated. Her significant medical bills from surgery and rehab are compounded by her having been in the middle of moving cross-country. You can read about these financial hardships in more detail at her Go Fund Me page.”
Tags: fundraising

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