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I just read that I Love You Phillip Morris is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival. http://www.variety.com/index.asp?layout=festivals&jump=story&id=2470&articleid=VR1117996817&cs=1. It doesn't say Ewan is planning to be there, but hopefully he will be. It would be great to have new pictures. Even if he goes home to Scotland for Hogmanay, he should be back by January 15, right? :o)

I do hope the film is well received . . .
Oh I read about this earlier too, I hope it means they'll release it soon after!

I hope so too. I thought I had read on the IMDb that it was supposed to open here in February, but now I see that it says France; I maybe didn't notice the France before in my excitement to see a release date. Maybe they'll be shopping for distributors at Sundance.

I'm no Jim Carrey fan, but I'm actually looking forward to this film now. I like the story, at least from the book. Hopefully it's got a good screenplay. Jorge won't see it with me. He's so not into the man-on-man thing. :o)

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I'm sure IMDB have changed the info, I thought I saw release dates on there too but they're gone now! *pouts*
I have a feeling they'll be shopping for distributors at the festival, *keeps fingers crossed*

I like JC sometimes, have you seen The Truman Show he plays that role really straight and he's brilliant, also Liar Liar is good it's funny and serious, it's a great family movie, my 13 year old son loves it!
I hate to say it because it sounds so disloyal and you know I love the man to bits, but I'm not too sure about Ewan's accent in that trailer . . . :-(

I wish he had more opportunities to use his own accent!
I've heard that criticism so many times, even from fans, LOL I only really understood it with Cassandra's Dream his London accent was shocking, I lived there for years and never heard anyone talk like that, but it was also the words they used, it was just all so wrong and I couldn't believe Ewan not realizing it was wrong and correcting it, after all he lived in London for years too. Jeez!
I hate to hear him criticized, even by me. I get very defensive about it. So why did I do it?? I should reserve judgement on this one, anyway, because I didn't hear much in that trailer. I think it's maybe an American southern accent he's doing, which he was pretty good at in Big Fish and Down With Love. Other times when I've read criticism, like for The Island, I haven't been able to understand what people were on about. I'm American and he sounded perfectly fine to me. In Stay also. Now Nightwatch is a different story! He's improved a lot over the years, no doubt about it.

That's too bad about the accent and dialogue in Cassandra's Dream. That's obviously something I wouldn't know about, but I read scathing things about it from lots of people. Maybe he didn't want to feel like he was insulting Woody by correcting things, or maybe didn't think it was his place? He's awfully polite. Although he said more than once that Woody told them to change whatever they wanted, but he, Ewan, thought everything was perfect the way it was. Maybe he was kind of "starstruck" by the whole Woody Allen thing. I don't know. It's certainly impossible to believe Ewan wouldn't know what Londoners sound like after all those years, so that can't be the reason. That makes it pretty hard for you to watch that movie, I imagine? That's a shame. I'm blissfully ignorant so I like it. :o)
Awww don't feel bad! I do the same thing we all do, I think we end up brainwashed by the critics, I know sometimes I feel sort of betrayed I know Ewan is a brilliant actor but sometimes I question his judgement, like with Cassandra's Dream he must have been starstruck, him and Colin to not correct the dialogue. I don't know about his American accents they always sound ok to me but I've heard awful comments about them. I don't think it's fair judge ILYPM till we hear more, but I'll be interested to hear what is said about his accent.

I know one thing! I'll always be there on opening night or soon after to watch him on the big screen.
Yeah, his judgement... When the announcement about him being in ILYPM was made, my second thought after 'but Ewan doesn't like Jim Carrey!' was, oh man, he needs a better agent. I know the final decision on whether to do a film or not is his, but sometimes I wish he got better advice. He is a brilliant actor, but unfortunately so many of his projects just don't show it. It's not fair. He deserves to shine! I'm so jealous of other people's success after they've chosen their projects wisely, and I long for the same thing for Ewan. I always enjoy watching him, even in the not-great movies, but I'm dying for him to be in something successful! I actually am looking forward to ILYPM now, but somehow I doubt it will be terribly successful, sad as it makes me to say that. Luckily, I've been wrong about plenty of things in the past, and hopefully this will be another. :o)

You and me both: I'll always be there for opening day or soon after. I've been known to happily drive 2 hours one way if necessary.
LOL that was my first thought too, 'but he hates JC' but then again he has said many times he regrets some of the things he said back then. I really hope he has a hit soon! if ILYPM isn't it there's always A&D, Hanks & Howard are very respected in Hollywood, I'm sure that'll be a hit and hopefully it'll get Ewan better offers.
Like that comment about Minnie Driver going to the opening of an envelope. LOL. Oh dear. I don't think he even remembered saying it. Ahh booze . . . you never know what's going to pop out of your mouth. Been there, done that. :o)

I completely agree about A&D. I have very high hopes for that one, and yeah, Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are heavy-hitters, and very nice people. It's great company for Ewan to be in. It will be a very high-profile movie, which can only be a great thing for one's career, I would think. Excellent!

I'm frustrated because I can't figure out how to add an image to my comment. I have a picture of Wolverine for you http://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/news/00020428.jpg (I'm not sure about those bangs/fringe!), and there's a little article http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00020428.html. Have you seen them? I hope these links work for you.

On another front, the winning bid on the Moto Guzzi was £22,100.00. Unfortunately, not the £25,000.00 which was their goal, but not an insignificant amount either!
Heeeeeee! Wolverine! I can't wait to see that! Thanks Anika.
To add a picture to a comment you need to have it in Photobucket, then you copy the HTML Code from Photobucket and paste it in the comment.

Oh it's a shame it didn't reach the £25,000 they hoped for but it's still a good result.
You're welcome.

Well, that sounds easy. Thanks - again! I owe you about 10 or 20 favors by now for all your help! Or my first born perhaps. (Although it's years too late for that!!) LOL

It is a shame, but still I think that's a nice amount, especially considering that every penny goes to UNICEF.

I like our little row of A&D icons. :o) I really can't wait to see that!
Hi Anika----We are so hungry for news that others have pounced on this news too!!!!
Lily posted a new picture on the playground and I posted it in my journal.

Ewan is looking very good...
I hope it gets a release soon, and that it does well.
I don't care for Jim Carrey, but I will go to see it for Ewan.

That new picture is fantastic. I love it! Ewan looks adorable and gorgeous. *sigh*

I hope we hear of a release date soon too.

Yeah, I've been dying for some kind of news. Where is he, what is he up to? Inquiring minds want to know! LOL. You know what, though? We probably wouldn't be satisfied unless we heard something new every day of the week, would we? :o)
It would be nice to have a bit of news every week. I like to know how his films are coming along.
You're welcome, Michelle. Char's article that she posted in her journal said Ewan will be at Sundance. I hope there will be new pictures. Entertainment Weekly often does a piece on the festival, so hopefully there. I have a subscription so I'll be looking. :o)

Wow, you've got loads of great new icons!
Ooh, I should go icon shopping too. Some of mine have gone missing in the last couple of days. It's very strange. Has that ever happened to you?