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Time to vote!

Homecoming Scotland is conducting a poll to determine the hottest Scotsman from a list of ten. Now, we all know who that is, don't we? Well, unfortunately Gerard Butler and James McAvoy are getting all the votes. James is cute, not sexy. Gerard is sexy, but sexier than Ewan? Not a chance. The site allows you to vote more than once, so c'mon ladies, let's vote for the real hottest Scot!

Hey Anika! I'm live again! I gave Ewan 10 votes and may have moved the line a little. Will the mods let you post it on the Playground? That could really help.
I don't think so, I think it would fall under this rule:
The Playground is a place to have fun and is not to be used as a means to sell or promote other sites, communities or products.

The website is promoting Scotland.

Welcome back!!

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I can't believe that Ewan is so low.

I am going to post this on the forum that I am on..
Hopefully that will get some action...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention...
I know, I can't believe it either. Maybe they're remembering Gerard Butler in 300 wearing the leather codpiece, when he had all those muscles, I don't know, but he doesn't look like that anymore. And James McAvoy I don't get at all. I think he looks like a cute little kid, not a hottie. Anyway . . . .

Thanks for the help, Char!

*heads off to vote yet again*
Gerard Butler?? James McAvoy??!

*growls softly* My love for Ewan is such that it obligates me to scorn anyone compared to him. I have many unkind words for that pasty-faced little limp wannabe James McAvoy and Mr. I Make Terrible Romantic Comedies Butler. They must be taken down.

Ewan doesn't even belong on a list. There's Ewan, then a universe-sized space, THEN one may start a list. Still, I will participate in their poll, if only to crush the others.

*absconds with Ewan and places him back on his pedestal then obliterates all others for daring to stand near him*


(I love him.)
LMAO! Oh Wyn, you do crack me up! However, you're so right. How dare these guys try to move into Ewan's rightful spot?

You know what else? Neither of them can kiss to save their lives, which totally destroys any love scenes they have. Ewan kisses like he was made to do it, and his love scenes look like he means it. Good lord, do they ever look like he means it. *pauses to fan self* HELLO! How do you get hotter than that? Answer: You don't.

I love him too, but these aren't opinions seen through a haze of adoration, just the plain truth. :D

*goes to vote some more*
Hey Connie, great to see you! Thanks for supporting our extremely deserving boy. :o) He's moving up, but wow, there's a long way to go. I wonder how long the poll is going to last - I've no idea.

Gah! I need more free time!
And you have a book signing coming up. Well done you!
Well, Ewan is up to 7.3
The gals are my forum are voting their hearts out...
I know I have voted at least 50 times~!!!!

I don't think he will win the poll, but he is a winner to all of us fans...

I think the Butler fans got a head start or know how to vote faster then we do...

Ewan is in a class of his own, and no matter what. he is the HOTTEST SCOT IN THE WORLD......

Just the few of us have brought "Teh Sex" as I've heard him referred to from .5 to 7.5 since this morning.
Now it's 11.8
The gals on the forum that I am on are doing a good job too.
We've all been voting our fingers off. It's posted on the IMDb (that's where I first saw it), and they're doing lots of voting too. :o)
The boys doing better today but he still has a way to go! jeez Gerard Butler? James Mcavoy? please!!! and how come David Tennant is doing so badly? awwwww!
Have you seen their onscreen kissing? Hot? Nah, pathetic! :D (Even though I do like both of them.)

I've never seen Dr. Who, so David Tennant will forever be Bertie Crouch, Jr., to me. Definitely NOT hot. LOL
Yay! Thanks for the assistance. :o)

When I first saw it, Ewan was at 0.6%, so we've made huge progress for him. Woohoo! Which is only fitting, since he is in fact the hottest Scot alive. *nods*