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My other favorite Scot.

Anyone up for a little Gerard Butler?

I checked on the same site, pathetically hoping for pictures of Ewan. No such luck. Once you see how big and beautiful this one of Gerard is, you'll see why I was hoping they might have had some of our darling boy.

Keep clicking; it gets massive.

While I'm on the subject, I saw this trailer http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi2660762393/ and thought the movie looked great. I also thought, wouldn't I love to see Ewan in a movie like this. I know they're not his thing, or so he's said in the past, but I really wish they were. He'd be so great, don't you think? I just love these kinds of movies. Yeah, I'm a sucker for romantic comedies, I don't care if they are formulaic. They always make me feel good. I'd so love to see Ewan in one. I know there's Down With Love, which I love, but I want more! LOL

That was a cute video, and I can see Ewan doing it!!!

When did Ewan say they are not his thing.??
I know he thoroughly enjoyed doing Down With Love, and he was sooooooooo terrific in it...
He does comedy very well.

I would love for Ewan to do another romantic sexy love story!!!

Thanks for the video, Anika

Now please Ewan, if you are reading this, [LOL]
PLEASE do a romantic, sexy love story!!!!
I know, I just think it looks like such a great, funny movie. Not that I'm not a big Gerard Butler fan, but I could immediately picture Ewan doing it when I saw it. I think he could have been perfect for it. You're welcome for the link.

It was in an interview that I heard called Desert Island Discs. It was on the radio in the UK and I managed to get hold of it on a CD on eBay. It's from 2001, I think. I'll have to double-check that date. Ewan was saying something along the lines that the natural progression of things for British actors trying to be successful in America was to do a big romantic comedy, and he said "that's nothing to do with me." I'm hoping he's changed his mind since then, because I would SO love to see him in things like that!
Perhaps he said that BEFORE he did DWL...
He was just a darling in that film.
I know he said it was a change, just coming off filming Young Adam.
Ewan has said a lot of things in the past that he probably wishes he hadn't said...
Example---- doing block buster films.

Thanks for telling about that interview.
Very interesting.
Unbelievably, I can't find it. Jorge put it on my iPod for me, then I misplaced it. Can you imagine that?? I know it's around here somewhere, but where I have no idea. I'm sure you're right about Ewan probably making that comment before DWL, though. So perhaps he'll do another one in the future sometime; I hope so. He is so adorable in that movie! Plus, it has one of my favorite lines ever: "I don't care about sex anymore, I just want to be married." Cracks me up every time! LOL

Yes, there were comments in the past that I'm sure he wishes he could take back. Then again, even without alcohol, people change their minds about things as they age. I know I certainly have.
Isn't he hot? He's so handsome and fit, and of course the accent kills me. Yummy. Did you know he was a lawyer before he became an actor? For some reason, that kind of cracks me up.

I love Dear Frankie. It's so, so good. I really love Emily Mortimer too. That film does break my heart, though. I liked Phantom too. I also love P.S., I Love You. Have you seen that one? It's really great.

I've seen the picture of Ewan with Gerard, but not the other one with the sword. That sounds good. :o) The two of them need to do a movie together. How great would that be?

Yeah, you could be right about the typecasting thing. Didn't want to turn into another Hugh Grant maybe. (Although I love Hugh's movies too.)
And Dear Frankie has a really hopeful ending as well. I haven't seen it in ages; I should watch it again. It's funny that Emily and the little boy were both in Young Adam.

Oh, I highly recommend P.S., I Love You! It's funny and sweet and touching - just so good. Really good music in it too. Gerard sings and he has a great voice. (Well, you know that from Phantom.) I bought the soundtrack and it's great, but unfortunately they didn't include any of his songs. Very disappointing.

I'll be very interested in seeing that photo if you find it. I have the one of him with Ewan somewhere, on a disc I think.
I've been super busy today but when I find the photo I'll post it.

Oh! No worries. That wasn't meant to be a hint, just a comment. :o)