Anika (honscot) wrote,

My other favorite Scot.

Anyone up for a little Gerard Butler?

I checked on the same site, pathetically hoping for pictures of Ewan. No such luck. Once you see how big and beautiful this one of Gerard is, you'll see why I was hoping they might have had some of our darling boy.

Keep clicking; it gets massive.

While I'm on the subject, I saw this trailer and thought the movie looked great. I also thought, wouldn't I love to see Ewan in a movie like this. I know they're not his thing, or so he's said in the past, but I really wish they were. He'd be so great, don't you think? I just love these kinds of movies. Yeah, I'm a sucker for romantic comedies, I don't care if they are formulaic. They always make me feel good. I'd so love to see Ewan in one. I know there's Down With Love, which I love, but I want more! LOL

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