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Last night I badly needed a Ewan fix. Didn't have much time, since I got a late start, but first I saw his bits of Little Voice. Could he have even been more adorable??

Thanks go out to whoever I got these screen caps from. I apologize for forgetting who that was.

I followed that by some of his bits in Attack of the Clones. More mature; still amazing.

More of that one tonight if I can keep my eyes open.

Oh, and last but far from least, I also got this truly gorgeous, absolutely amazing thing from Pam. If I've seen it before today I've forgotten.

Perfection. Full stop.

Lovely picspam! I haven't watched AOTC in too long.

I have the pink version of the scarf. One of my most treasured possessions! :D
Lovely picspam!
Thank you. :o)

I've seen the pink one - so pretty! I've been desperate for that scarf for years, but can never find it. In fact, I was grousing about it just today to Pam. Jorge ordered it somewhere for me, and the order went through, but the next day they emailed him to say it wasn't available. Grr. Oh well, he bought me another very nice one instead.
I don't think they made all that many. I know it wasn't really available here in the US when it came out - I think the closest was Canada. I received it as a gift from a fellow fan when I was sick and in the hospital. Maybe you can check ebay or something.
How nice! That's an amazing gift.

Yeah, I've been searching eBay forever, but no luck. It's all right. I'm going to be mature and get over it now. ;o)
*GUNH* Perfection INDEED. I am undone by the sleeping pics. Gah, I had to retype that 3 times because he makes me all befuddled. And by befuddled I mean hot and bothered. 0_o

And the scarf pic? And WET OBI? *shakes head* I don't even know what to say up in here.
So . . . you like? :D

I adore those sleeping pics. He's such a great on-screen sleeper, anyway, and he just looks so sweet in these. Which does NOT mean that I don't long to have my way with him. Just look at that mouth. Ahh.

I'm dying from that scarf picture. Good lord, what the man does to me.
Billyyyyy! *squishes him* Gah! he's so freaking sweet and innocent, adorable! *wants to molest him* and Obi! *sigh*

Those Pringle pics do things to me! just look how gorgeous he looks! his hair!!!! I just want to run my fingers through it!

Shame there aren't many bigger ones around.
Ooh, another one - thank you! Now I want the sweater too!! LOL

I know I sound like a broken record, but he's just so beautiful. *sigh* He could have been a model.
Well yeah, there is that. Hee. :D

You thought of it first, though, so you're obviously more pervy. *nods*
Anika---Would you believe I started watching Little Voice last night?~!! I watch one of Ewan's films, or part of one, every evening. I will finish it tonight...

Billy is just so adorable and sweet.

And of course Obi Wan is the man~!!

I love that full length picture of Ewan.. The way he is standing, so casual..And I LOVE his shoes...LOL
Just the perfect look for him.

I would loved to have the scarf too.. Just like the one Ewan is wearing. If you ever find a source to order them ever again, please let me know~!!!

Thanks for posting all these lovely pictures... Very yummy.
Little Voice is great, although the mother was really annoying me that time. (I love her in Saving Grace. Have you seen that one? Craig Ferguson is in it too. One of my faves!) Billy is the best. I love when he says, "There are no wires. I finished work hours ago." Too sweet!

Doesn't he look fantastic in that picture?! I love the way he's standing and, yeah, the shoes are great. Sexy even. It's a delicious photo from top to bottom. RAWR!

You're welcome, Char. :o)
Yes, the mother was quite annoying, but I think that is what helped drive her daughter to be the way she was.

No I didn't see Saving Grace, but I do like Craig Ferguson, at least on his show, which I wish were are earlier.

Fantastic~~!! Words just can't do Ewan justice.
But, he is definitely delicious....

The shoes are Sexy... They go well with that sexy man~~!!!
aww i'd forgotten how cute he was in LV! i loved his character in that film, and of course ewan played in brilliantly. but ewan was the only thing i liked in it, i hated the rest of the film!

thanks for all the lovely pics ;)
That's what I always say about The Pillow Book - it all sucks except for Ewan. :o)

You're welcome!
I'm not the biggest fan of LV (it might be because I don't understand it all) but Ewan is very cute in it. And I love that last pic. I generally prefer Ewan either with really long hair or shorter than this but he's so classy here, I can't help but loving him.
I really, really miss his long hair. *sigh* It looked amazing on him and it was such a lovely color. I love those Pringle pictures, though, especially this one. My God, the man is so beautiful and so effortlessly sexy that he just blows me away.
Yes, Obi-Wan is your man. How many times did you see that one in the theater? Two dozen? Three? *cracks up*

Isn't he amazing?! Sex on two legs, as I always say, and just so unbelievably gorgeous. *sighs* I must set that photo as my background.
He's so flippin adorable in LV. Too bad his part isnt bigger (then again, dont we always think that)
We do think that a lot. He's just awfully fond of taking small parts so that he can work with this one or that one. It's nice to have him in lots of films, but it's hard to be satisfied that way. At least we know he's in ALL of The Ghost, and hopefully a good share of Men Who Stare at Goats. Did you hear he's supposed to be at the Toronto Film Festival? New photos hopefully. :D
Yes, we demand bigger roles!

Ugh he finally comes back to Canada, and he's on the wrong bloody side! There needs to be an Edmonton film festival... then I could be there!