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Someone give me a kick!

I literally can NOT keep my eyes open to work. When I'm doing something interesting, like reading my Friends Page or e-mail, I'm fine. The second I start trying to transcribe - instant zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Argh, not good! I also got a new desk chair recently that's comfy and cozy to lean back against.....

Hang in there Anika! i'm off now to work myself. Great picspam last night! That last one is...I can't even think of a word... beautiful beyond words.
Hey you! Nice to see you here!

Oh good, I'm glad you saw that awesome picture. I still can't get over how gorgeously perfect it is. *sigh*

I finally gave up on work for a little bit. I'm going to make some coffee, and that had better help or I'm doomed. Hope you have a much better day at work than I'm having!
I know that feeling too well, Anika! I can't even think about returning to work on Monday...

But keep on and think about all the Ewanness you can experinecs after work! Ans coffee is definitely a good idea ;)
Oh, have you been on vacation? It's terrible when they come to an end, isn't it?

I actually think the coffee may be helping a bit. Yay! :o)
Yes, I've been on my summer vacation and even the thought of returning to work is terrible. I can see myself sitting in my office looking for Ewan pics because I won't be able to get into the working-mood again LOL But it doesn't help, unfortunately we are forced to work ;)

Yay, coffee is good! Keep going ;)
Believe me, I know exactly how you feel!

I did decide to go to the doctor and I'm just waiting on the results of the blood work. Hope I don't have to wait a month when I'm scheculed to have my physical. Then again, if something is drastically wrong, I would hope they let me know before hand.

Perhaps a power nap is in order. It works for me...well, sometimes.

Mmmm, coffee. Sounds good. *thinks about making some for self*
Ha! I fear that if I went vertical I'd stay asleep for the duration, wake up at 6 p.m. or something. LOL I am more alert now. About time, eh?

Oh, I do hope you get favorable results! I'm positive there won't be anything drastically wrong, and I'll be thinking good thoughts for you. *HUGS*
Omigosh, Anika, you couldn't imagine how much I sympathize. My morning drowsiness became epic...I could barely hold my head up. My eyes would start to droop or close during MEETINGS fcol, or even when people were talking DIRECTLY TO ME. It left me on the verge of tears sometimes, and even getting 6 or 7 hours of sleep the night before wouldn't make a difference.

(This is turning into a long comment, hehe.) Then about 18 months ago it started affecting my driving. I live about 3 hours from my mom, and I couldn't make the drive home without pulling over to rest my eyes. More than once I nearly ran off the interstate, and I still dread any car trip over 30 mins b/c I know I'm going to be fighting to keep my eyes open.

So - after taking millions of caffiene pills and drinking zillions of espressos, a few trips to my GP and eye doctor finally sorted things out. Problem 1: Vitamin D deficiency. Problem 2: Vit. B12 deficiency. Both easily solved. Problem 3:(and this is gross) - my eye doc told me my eyes were off-the-charts dry (the cornea was all shrivelled in his microscope thingy) and I should start dousing myself with these thick drops 3x a day. 0__o Problem 4: Not enough exercise.

Why am I blathering on so? Only to tell you how much I sympathize, and to suggest D, B12, and eyedrops. Maybe some iron too. Worse comes to worse, get on 5 mg of adderall and you will be good to go. :)
Not to worry, I love long comments. :)

Wow, thanks very much for all of the good advice. I actually have a checkup scheduled with my medical person. Not that I WANT to go, mind you, but I need her to keep prescribing my migraine prophylaxis so off I go. I'll mention the things you did and see what she has to say about it. I'm overdue for an eye exam too, as a matter of fact. That's more fun because I could score new glasses from it, and I don't like the ones I have now. Freaking useless can't-see-with-them, can't-see-without-them bifocals. They are good for distance though.

Just looked up Adderall in my drug book - sounds like it would liven a person up. :D
Are you sleeping ? ;)

Maybe it's not a good time to say that I'm still in vacation and that I was just thinking this afternoon that next week at the same time I'll have already finished my first day back at work.

It seems I missed a picspam yesterday (my connection was terrible !), so I'm going to admire it right now !
I came to life finally, then I ate something and got drowsy all over again - frustrating day! I'm awake now, though, because I've finished work for the day. :o)

I hope you're having a lovely vacation!
It must be the new chair, I had the same problem with mine it's so cumfy I just sit back and my eyes start to droop!
Maybe what you need is Ewan to read it all out for you!
Yes, my difficulties are not helped by how deadly boring this stuff is. Ack. Then again, perhaps that's my bad attitude. :D
I guess I am lucky---- I don't have to work.. But I did put in my dues for many years.
The problem with not haveing to work means one is getting OLD.

But----I can play with Ewan all day~!!!!!

I hope the coffee helped you, Anika~!!!
It did help. Then I ate something and got all drowsy again. *rolls eyes*

Oh well, tomorrow's another day. Hopefully I'll have better focus then. :o)
I'm so glad you were able to get out of a job situation that was bad for your health. It's nothing like that for me, I'm just bored out of my mind. *shrugs* I'm just sick of working, I think.

"Heh heh heh heh, you said weenie." Well, you didn't really, but that was my B&B reference. :D They were too much. LOL

I take feverfew (which is an over-the-counter herbal medication) and atenolol (which is prescription). It was actually my neurologist who recommended the feverfew, and I've been taking it for years along with the atenolol. They work! Then I have Maxalt for the headaches when they come, which they still do, but so much less frequently. In years past I would get 2 or 3 headaches some months, which would each last at least 3 days. OMG, it's repulsive to even think about it. I've been getting migraines for most of my life too; I remember having horrible headaches in grade school. Now I can sometimes go a couple of months with no headaches, and the Maxalt always works when I do get them. Those are expensive, but they're worth their weight in gold! Good luck with your appointment.